Know your Enemy!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 8, 2014

What would you say is your enemy in this effort?

Well, that goes deeper into your reasons for quitting. If health is anywhere on that list then keep reading!

If you answered sickerettes, then you’re only partially right! The true enemy is Nicotine!

Why? Because Nicotine is the substance that addicts you and becoming free of the addiction is the only true way to protect your health and that of your family and pets.

When tobacco is smoked, nicotine is absorbed through the wall lining of the small air sacs in the lungs. When sniffed or chewed, it is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the nose or mouth. Nicotine can also be absorbed through the skin.

Regardless of how nicotine is absorbed, it enters the bloodstream where it circulates throughout the body and travels to the brain where it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Once in the brain, it binds to and activates receptors called the cholinergic receptors.

These cholinergic receptors are present in the brain as well as in other areas such as the muscles, heart, adrenal glands and other vital organs. Normally, these receptors are activated by the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is produced at nerve endings in the brain and in the nerves of the peripheral nervous system.

The actions of acetylcholine help to maintain healthy respiration, heart function, muscle movement and cognitive functions such as memory.

Since nicotine has a similar structure to acetylcholine, it can activate the cholinergic receptors. However, unlike acetylcholine, nicotine enters the brain and disrupts its normal functioning. Regular smoking leads to a change in the number of cholinergic receptors and to changes in their sensitivity to nicotine. This can lead to the development of nicotine tolerance.

Once this happens, the affected person needs to use nicotine regularly to maintain normal brain function. If the level of nicotine falls, the smoker may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that lead to them "topping up" their nicotine levels by smoking again. Because of its highly addictive properties, smoking is considered by the American Heart Association to be one of the hardest addictions to break.

A new paper delivered at the American Society of Cell Biology annual meeting in New Orleans suggests that nicotine can cause direct harm to cells in the heart.

The molecular pharmacology professor at Brown University exposed cells found in the heart to nicotine. After only six hours, a kind of cellular drill, called podosome rosettes formed and ate through tissue.


When this happens in the vascular smooth muscle cells which are in the middle layer of the arterial wall to the inner layer, this can cause plaque to form in atherosclerosis. This happened when Hai exposed human and rat cells to nicotine.


What that means is that the nicotine is acting like "a kind of cancer of the blood vessel which is waking up these cells and breaking them away from their surrounding matric and then migrating having an effect like it is almost like digging a hole through the wall," Hai said. "I think this is potentially very interesting and significant."


It also means that the nicotine substitute of an e-cigarette may reduce a person's chance of having lung cancer, but it does not mean that their risk of heart disease will go away.

It’s not real tobacco smoke, but the emissions from electronic cigarettes can still contain harmful ingredients.

A new study published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research shows that e-cigarettes generate enough nicotine emissions that they can be inhaled by those near a smoker. Third hand nicotine clings to your body, hands, furniture – even your carpet! This exposure rcreates health risks to your family members and pets.

Would you offer a little bit of cyanide to your loved ones or take it yourself because you don’t want to give them a lot??? That’s the logic of “harm reduction.”

There’s only one way to free yourself and your family from the dangers of sickerettes – become addiction FREE! We can show you how! You decide!