Home for the Holidays!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 7, 2014

On Christmas morning, my Sons gave me the most splendid present! They gave my Wife and me round trip tickets to Mexico where my home is! As we spoke of work schedules, they told us, “No Dad, we have already secretly requested your vacation and had it approved! Pack your bags! The plane leaves in 4 hours!” I was so touched! These boys know that there’s nothing we’d rather have than to be home for the holidays!

Getting there was the regular craziness of travel but the weather cooperated which I hear from the morning news was very blessed! But it was all worth it as we landed in Mexico City only 4 hours later. My Wife’s family in Mexico City met us at the airport and we slept there overnight. The next day we were off to Amecameca – a one hour drive South. I can’t begin to explain the thrill of seeing my hometown! And when we drove up to the house, the Family was waiting to greet us!

Now, here in the states, a big family gathering might be 10-20 people but in Mexico, we’re talking 100s! The ladies had spent days making mole and tomales and the men had cleaned the house and the yard so they looked absolutely beautiful! Hugs all around! Shuffling back and forth from Mexico City and Amecameca, we spent days telling stories, singing songs, laughing, eating the best food on the planet (IMO) and catching up on all the changes since we’d been home a year ago. We also had the pleasure of going to church every day, visiting with friends, visiting the grave sights of my godparents, parents, and other relatives and spending hours in the street market called tiangiis.

Like all holidays in Mexico, Christmas isn’t just one day – it lasts throughout Advent all the way to Epiphany yesterday! On Epiphany, the baby Jesus leaves toys for the children in their shoes while they sleep! We were able to see the lights in my neices and nephews eyes when they woke up at 5AM to find out what Jesus had given them!

The goodbyes are always hard for us because we so enjoy being there among Family and Friends but we were also anxious to see our Sons and Friends here as well. Coming home to the States is every bit as wonderful as coming home to Amecameca! Landing in Denver gives me such a thrill when I see the airport and know we’ll soon be in our little apartment. It’s really like having 2 homes and 2 lives.

I was so touched when I turned on my computer this morning to find all your heartfelt messages! I certainly didn’t Expect anybody to miss me but I know that I missed you all! I have to apologize for giving you cause for worry – I’m truly sorry and next time I take off I’ll let you know what’s up! Thank You ALL for the well wishes and supportive missives! It’s good to be HOME!