A New Attack Denies Second Hand Smoke Damage

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 21, 2013

Opening the cyber newspaper was something of a shock to me! Low and behold, various articles of the libertarian style, i.e. Mr. Rush Limbaugh, have declared that second hand smoke causes neither lung or heart disease. Mr/ Limbaugh actually pulled out a study from 1989 to "prove" his point. 

Quoting Rush, "Again, the lesson here is that you were lied to by a bunch of leftist busybodies. You were lied to in order to be forced to live your life the way they wanted you to.  You were being denied freedom.  You were being lied to and manipulated into believing something that wasn't true so as to impact the way you and everybody else lives, and you were converted into a member of the army of the anti-smoking who would go out and harass anybody else who smoked.  You were lied to, to further the lies of a bunch of zealots."

What is Limbaugh's "scientific" source for making such a statement?  The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, via Jacob Sullum.

Who is Jack Sullum? Another "journalist" with libertarian credentials.  I looked there for the study: I did, however, also find 10 studies confirming the hazards, including lung and heart disease! 

Watch what you read - when you dig a little deeper, you find out that Big Tobacco money and Addictive Thinking are behind the headlines, not "scientific" evidence!