Rationalizations for Relapse

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 20, 2013

One of two things happens following relapse. Either the user will think they have gotten away with using and, as a result, with the passage of time a "false sense of confidence" will have them using again, or they'll quickly find themselves back using nicotine at their old level of daily intake, or higher. Although it sounds strange, the lucky ones are those who quickly find themselves once again fully hooked.

Why? Because this group stands a far better chance of associating that first puff of nicotine with full and complete relapse. Instead of learning the Law of Addiction from some book, they stand a chance of self-discovering the law through experience and the school of hard-knocks. 

What is the Law of Addiction?

"Administration of a drug to an addict will cause

of chemical dependence

upon the addictive substance."

While the relapsed addict may feel that their reason for relapse was sufficient, it will not be sufficient to explain the fact that they find themselves still using. They now need a new rationalization to explain why their relapse justification has passed, yet they haven't stopped using.


"Well, at least I tried."

"I'm just too weak to stop."

"I know I will stop again."

"I've tried everything to stop and nothing works."

"Maybe I'm different."

"Maybe I can't quit."

More Excuses Coming

As far as relapse excuses are concerned, life will provide an abundant supply for anyone looking for them. We will have friends or loved ones who will get sick, diseased and die. Dying is a normal part of life. If the death of someone close to us is an acceptable reason for relapse then the freedom and healing of nearly a billion now comfortable ex-users is at risk. 

Expect imperfect humans to do the unthinkable. We change, disagree, sometimes break promises, argue, and start and end relationships. 

Expect financial distress as food, medicine, fuel and living costs continue to rise. The loss of a job or inability to work may be an injury, disease or pink slip away.Floods, droughts, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes will happen. People die,vehicles collide, sports teams lose, terrorists attack and wars will be waged, won and lost. 

Life promises loads of excuses to relapse. But freedom's promise is absolute. It is impossible to relapse so long as all nicotine remains on the outside. We each have a 100 percent guarantee of staying free today so long as no nicotine gets inside. 

It's time to put your past quits behind you and start EXamining  some new tools! All of these tools have one thing in common: they work within the Law of Addiction.

Here at BecomeanEX we name them every day from acquiring knowledge about Nicotine Addiction to strategies to beat the cravings, from Day 1 through No Man's Land through long term maintenance! It's all here! But it's up to you o put these tools to work! The more you participate the more you see EXcuses for Nico-Lies and you know that smoking is not an option under any circumstances whatsoever! The true question remains:

What shall I do instead? Eventually smoking will literally not even cross your mind! Now, that's FREEDOM!