Gratitude for ALL of My BecomeanEX Family!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 10, 2013

I have had time to reflect on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have had invaluable time with my Beautiful Wife and Precious Sons. This time of Year brings up many feelings for me. I remember Holidays past with my Mother and Siblings ( all passed into the beyond of Eternal Life.) So the Holidays bring grieving as well as Joy for me. I know that I am not alone in this. My Mother’s and my Brother’s Birthdays were in November and December brings my own and that of my Sister. Many Anniversaries compounded into the 2 Months when I feel Seasonal Depression as well. Now a new Anniversary on my actual Birthday, the Sandy Hook tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut. So many highs and lows. It’s no wonder that I have to take very good care of myself during this Season of Joy and Mourning, of Hope and Despair, of Love and Evil, of all the Best and Worst of Humankind.

I want each of you to know just how marvelous you are for me! Life is so short, so beautiful, so intricate. I choose not to let one more day slide by before I say, THANK YOU! You have given me more than I could ever  begin to return! You have given me the reassurance that I have the right and space – the voice – the growth – the humanity – to Become an Addiction FREE Human! You have answered my calls for help and acknowledged my learning by your side. You have brought me the Love and Hugs whether in Celebration or Comfort, whether in Joy or Sadness, Anger or Victory, Laughter or Tears.And you have shared a part of yourselves with me!  When that Smoke Cloud lifted, I couldn’t believe the person hiding under there for so many Years – unpolished, rough and ragged. By entering into the Light of TRUTH I began to illuminate from the inside outward!

Whether you have been an “Elder” when I got here, a co-quitter, a follower , a newbie, or yes, a wannabe, each of you have contributed to my Quit Journey in so many ways. Quitting is both simple and complex. Quitting means, “Keep them away from your face” but it also means, “What shall I do instead?” Quitting means finding my Addiction FREE Self, learning to live abundantly without the sickerettes, discovering the true meaning of ME the way my Creator wants and Expects me to be. And then becoming that person! I was real fortunate to discover this site when I needed you the most that amazing week in March that set me on a new understanding of myself, my values, and my life. YOU made that possible for and with me. SO Thank YOU! Give your loved ones a hug on my behalf. Remember, every breath we take is a marvelous miraculous event!

May the Peace and Hope of the Season permeate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions as we approach the Savior's Birthday Party and the New Year ahead!