Autumn Reflections

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 23, 2013


  “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” 
  ― John Donne
  Autumn is the time that we, like the trees, need to reevaluate our priorities and start anew! 
  This is a Wonderful time of year to think about where we are in life and dream about what we would become! Webster says that become means to begin to be something specified. Thus, BecomeanEX doesn't mean that you only join if you already have the mindset of an EX. It doesn't mean that you will be somehow zapped into EX-dom because you enrolled. It means that we enter and we begin to be. We don't have to be flawlessly anything when we get here. We only have to have a curiosity about what being an EX might mean to us individually. 
  As we read the Blogs, again and again, we see folks at all stages of Quititude. Some are searching for it, some are glimpsing it, some are testing it, some are growing with it and it with them and some own it fiercely! That can't be found in any device.
   It starts with openness toward learning more. Too often I see folks who bring their "My Way" attitudes rather than openness. If you already have the Successful way - then what are you doing here? 
  We're told to FOCUS on the positive side of quitting, to count our blessings and benefits of Smoke FREE Living. Some of us do that and we move forward with amazing smoothness, leaving others to think that they had it "easy" for some unEXplainable reason. In fact, it isn't any more difficult or complicated for one of us than for another. We are all Nicotine Addicts! But when you FOCUS on the FREEDOM of Recovery rather than on the "sacrifices" of quitting it is not only more understandable - it's more desirable. That makes it easy to maintain DETERMINATION! Focus and Determination - 2 very important ingredients of PERSEVERENCE! We can all persevere even when we think we can't.
  Here are some ways to maximize our motivation:
  (1) Draw inspiration from others
  Be they certain individuals here who EXemplify Quititude or the general fact that: 
  Percentage of smokers who want to quit altogether  70%
  Percentage of smokers who will try to quit this year  40%
  Percentage of smokers who will succeed at quitting smoking without relapse  6%. Make up your Mind right here and now that you will be one of the 6%! There's absolutely no reason that you can't! NO EXCUSES!
  (2) Don't think; just act
  Thinking is vital and much of human folly happens because we don't think. We can think ourselves out of problems, around situations, into solutions - but also out of doing what we should. "I can't go on" is a thought that may be useful or it may be self-deception. If you have to keep on, then start to ignore these kinds of thoughts. When times are tough, sometimes we need to just keep on without thinking until the 'nose down to the grindstone' times have passed.
  (3) Strengthen your Quititude by EXercising it
  Quititude, like a muscle, gets stronger the more you use it. So remember that even when it feels tough, it will get easier. The more you EXercise your Focus and Determination, the more naturally motivated you will begin to feel.
  (4)  Think about what you really want
  Really think about what your Values are. Make a list of the values most important to you: life, family, love, work, fun etc. Recognize that there's no right or wrong answer - these are   your values! Then ask yourself if you are living these values. How is smoking enhancing them? Think about this - 
  Suppose I select Family as my value. In what ways does smoking help my Family Life? In what ways would quitting help me invest in my Family rather than my Sickerette?
  (5) Never give up!
  If your intentions are good and you keep working, something will happen - even if it's not exactly what you had planned. If you do nothing, nothing happens.
  "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
  - Thomas A. Edison 
  Be patient with yourself! How many years was your Brain hijacked by Addiction? It will take a few comparatively short Months to recover your FREEDOM! But it can be done and we can show you how! All you have to do to get started is show up with curiosity and a willingness to learn!