My Plymouth Horizon

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 5, 2013


I used to have an old Plymouth Horizon that was bound to break down every single time I took it out anywhere! Go to church, break-down! Go to the store, break-down! Go to work, break-down! Since I barely know a doorknob from a head light I took the car to a mechanic and $500 later he told me the motor was fine! Cool! I'm so excited! I haven't had a reliable car in Months at this point! So I hop in, drive off and 3 blocks away, break-down! O.K., then! I call the mechanic and ask him, "Hey, buddy, what's up?" He calmly told me that he had fixed the motor perfectly but the pump was shot! Well then, let's fix the pump (can't remember if it was a water pump or a fuel pump or whatever!) ! Some $200 later, I pick up the car and drive off and make it 5 blocks, break-down! ARGH!!! Mr. Mechanic says, "Well, yes! I fixed the pump but that doesn't mean that you battery works!" Well, Sir, I say, why didn't you say so? "You didn't ask!" And just how much will that cost me? ......anyway, you get the idea! LMAO!

When we quit smoking, sometimes we're just like that! We think that life is going to be a bed of roses! Smooth riding! Well, not so fast! Life continues to happen! Stress still needs fixing! The kids still drive me to the brink! My job still expects way too much for way too little pay! This is a New Normal as my Friend YaYa says! It doesn't mean that quitting smoking - which does by the way cure a myriad of bad, will make everything in your life run smoothly! It means that at least you can count on that much going right! It's up to you to fix the rest! So don't blame your quit because you argued with your spouse, bailed your kid out of trouble again!, bit your tongue off at work yesterday! Life happens! But smoking sure as heck won't make any of those other things better! 

I'm sure glad I don't have that da#@ car anymore! (Or that mechanic!)