Together We're BETTER!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 19, 2013

I, like so many "old goats" butted heads with the ADMIN attitude, so I wanted to address all beginners who participate in the Blogs whether writing or commenting or lurking! 

We are a diverse group of people.  The strength, resilience, and richness of BecomeanEX are based on the diversity of it members (all spammers EXcluded, of course!) Everyone is equal in worth, and is entitled to the same privileges and opportunities. Each of us has our own unique background and talents.We all contribute  different experiences, lifestyles, backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. A diverse Community:

*recognizes and values talent.

*eliminates barriers and ensures that all members are treated fairly and have the chance to reach their maximum potential.

*encourages the exchange of ideas which not only broadens the scope of problem solving, but also improves the possibility that the problems will be solved.


Each contact I have with a new member is based on my own experience. I bring to the table my diagnosis of COPD (even when I don't memtion it!), my SUCCESS, my personality! It can hardly be otherwise. It's for the Newbie to take what is useful to them and leave the rest from all the comments and advice they receive!  We all have equal opportunity to add our own input.I most often center on folks with COPD and then on other members who I feel are open to the Fantastic Change which is necessary to become a true EX. That's because my quits in the past have been for Months even Years but not sincere! I was just borrowing time, "cleaning out my lungs so I can smoke some more!" So I know the difference! I Know that's just not good enough! 


I learn and grow from you, the beginner, too! You keep me EXcited about my Quit Journey! You show me where I've been and contribute new, fresh ideas and perspective that hasn't yet been cooked into the "accepted wisdom!" You remind me to Never Ever Forget:

-Never forget what it was like to be smoking and want to quit;

-never forget what it was like to change my perspective and become determined and focused - 100% committed;

-never forget the discomfort of withdrawal, both physical and emotional;

-never forget when one day, one hour, one minute was an accomplishment'

-never forget that break through that made me a "Happy Quitter!"

So you see, you are helping me Protect my Quit! You are giving me one of my most useful tools! Yaya often says, I'm here more for me than for you! And that's the beauty of BecomeanEX! We all becume more successful at Addiction FREE Living Together.

You bring your own talents, experience and personality to your Comments! Each of us contributes something that may help that individual make the ultimate decision - to live addiction FREE! I would like to remind you so you don't get depressed that as you see folks come and go, remember that you have no idea how many mustard seeds you are planting on the way! Maybe that person will come back later or maybe somebody else read that Comment to So-and-So and took it to heart! I think we'd all be surprised at how many people are lurking, reading everything but choose to remain out of the limelight! Finally, contribute what you have and respect that other contributor, too! We all make this Community a Great Place to be and most important SUCCESSFUL!


Together We're BETTER!