Hand in Hand at 3 Smoke Free Years!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 20, 2013

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my Friend."

  - Albert Camus
   If you are just now investigating this site and contemplating the Quit World, you are teaching me and supporting my Quit Journey. You remind me of the days I EXperienced prior to quitting when I was full of FEARS and DOUBTS and what it took to actually set a quit day and then count those days off, saying 'goodbye' to my 'best friend,' even wishing that there was another way out than to give up my addiction for good. You show me just how hard it was to make the leap of faith that I could and would find the grass greener on the other side! Thank You for that! Thank You! Let me take your hand and walk beside you as you move through these fears with courage and these doubts with hope! 
   If you are on your first 3 days of your Quit Journey, you are reminding me what it was like to feel the physical aches and pains of physical withdrawal, the endless sleeplessness, jitters, the need to stay busy and yet feeling empty headed at the same time - all the time knowing that just one puff would relieve these symptoms but also keep me trapped and still facing withdrawal. You show me just how important it is to recognize that physical withdrawal is very temporary and yet, if I were to relapse I'd have to suffer all of this all over again! Thank You! Let me take your hand and walk beside you as you throw off once and for all Nicotine's poisonous physical hold on your body! 
   If you are in your first Month of your Quit Journey, you refresh my memory of those moment by moment struggles that you are living to keep your Focus on the Positive, to change your perspective in spite of bargaining thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere,to find your New Normal,  to wish for the day that you can not think about smoking and quitting for at least one whole day! Thank You for sharing with me! Let me take your hand and walk beside you as you discover your Quititude and the Real You that your Creator intends for you to BE! 
   If you are stumbling, tired and thirsty for wisdom through No Man's Land during those first 130 days of your Quit Journey, you encourage me with your brave vigilance. You actually experience that first day when smoking and quitting never crosses your mind, you lose the 3-D support system from those who consider your Quit a done deal while you know for a fact, you are more endangered than ever. And then it strikes! - the sneak attack! - it makes your knees shake! - it totally feels like it will obliterate you! - and just the fact of the attack makes you wonder if you really do have it in you! Often it happens at a special occassion like your 100th day! It's so aggravating and the anger just triggers another waive of self-doubt and cravings! Yet, you reach out for support, get out your Quit Tool Box, and pull yourself through even if it's one day, one hour, one minute at a time, again! Such perseverence! I see before me another VICTOR who will gain the Crown of the 6%er! Thank You for reaching out for my extended hand! Nothing makes me happier than to see another EXer make their way out of NML! Please take my hand and we will walk side by side into the fresh air of abundant living! 
   If you have broken free of NML and joyfully, confidently  add those Days, Weeks, Months until your first Anniversary, you describe to me all over again the enthusiasm of those Months of Victory while remaining always ready for those seasonal and situational triggers that although they may be new, you know what to do about them! And if and when you find yourself in over your head (I certainly do/have at times!) you unhesitatingly come here and plea for the support that you know works and will always be here! Thank You for walking the walk with me! I grin with Pride just thinking about you! Hand in hand we walk into the future together! 
   If you are a 6%er, and yet continue to pay it forward, not just for others because they were here for you, but for yourself because protecting our Quits is the most important decision we have to make today, you renew my determination to N.E.F.(Never Ever Forget) - to never lose perspective - to recall again TODAY that Today is the most important day of my recovery! Thank You for your contributions to all my friends' Quit Journeys, my own Quit Journey, but especially to your own Quit Journey because I sleep well knowing that you have the Forever Quititude! We walk side by side each and every day, reaching out in all directions supporting and receiving support with each, yes, breath we take! We are more than Friends - We are Family! And I love each and every one of you! 
   To those who went before me, my gratitude for your generous, patient, unwavering support as I made my way through all 1096 days - one day at a time - will last a lifetime and beyond! You took my hand and walked beside me, whispering EXpert advice in my ear, retraining my brain, giving me hope when I doubted, courage when I was afraid, cheering me on with each VICTORY both reaching goals and confronting my Addictive Brain. You grieved with me when I grieved, celebrated with me when I found life amazing, empowered  me to discover my True Addiction Free Self with your unconditional acceptance! No words begin to EXpress my appreciation that you are here beside me in this marvelous Life! 
   Thank You, Friends, New and Old! Not one of us is 'less' - together we are all greater than the sum of our individual parts! 
   "When we replaces I, then ill becomes well!" 
    Please join me on the Freedom Train to celebrate our Journey together!