Time on my Hands!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 12, 2013


When you quit smoking you soon realize that you spent something around an hour and a half or more just puffing away on those sickerettes! That's a lot of time on your hands all of a sudden! So here's an idea of what to do to fill that void:

Why not join the 128 Members of Our Positive Affirmation Group?

- You can sort through the 46 pages of affirmations and make a list of the ones you like the most!

- You can find and add affirmations of your own to add to the collection!

- You can share with other members and quit buddies the affirmations that struck a cord with you!

- You can print out or copy some of your favorites and post them on your fridge, front door, bathroom mirror, bedroom night stand, TV screen, computer work area, etc.....

You will stay very busy and you will be enhancing your Quititude all at the same time! 

Have Fun!