A New Perspective on FEAR

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 20, 2013





Fear of quitting and facing life without sickerettes is natural. After all, we are Addicts and often we have more years of life smoking than not smoking and those not smoking years were a very long time ago when we were children! Also, although we may not consciously realize it, subconsciously, we know that we have been hiding all kinds of emotions under that smoke cloud - scary emotions like anger, disappointment, and fear of other aspects of our lives. Why would I want to EXpose myself to such EXtreme vulnerability? Because it gives us an opportunity to HEAL - physically but also emotionally! We own our feelings and deal with them in a whole healthy way for the first time in a long, long time! Re-cover means to un-cover those emotions that haven't gone away first. They're still there - lingering under that smoke cloud! But un-covered, we can choose to either EXpress them or to simply forgive - to let them go - either because they are part of the past and presently irrelevant or because they are out in the open and can be repaired from here and now! RECOVERY=reowning ME! Addiction stunts our emotional growth! Recovery allows the real you to bloom!