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There is  a very strong psycho-social element in smoking. Most smokers have organized their lives around friendships and acquaintanceships with other smokers. Their best friends at work are likely to be other smokers, and they may have a spouse who also smokes. When other smokers comprise one’s social circle, not only does that normalize the behavior, but it also can necessitate a need for quitters to change those relationships. Hanging out around smoker friends smoking debilitates your resolve! You soon find out that what you really have in common with your smoking friends is simply first and foremost Nicotine Addiction! You need to know that EXposing yourself to second hand smoke will definitely chemically sabotage your quit especially in those first critical 130 days through NML. 

Finding new friends or reinforcing relationships with nonsmoking friends can really help you transform into the New You whereas hanging around your smoking friends may feed into the message that you are giving up or sacrificing something! You may find yourself gradually moving away from those old friendship patterns as less and less of your time is available for your smoking friends and their necessary smoke breaks of which you cannot participate! You may seek health conscious friends who like you are changing their lifestyle through improved food choices and exercise. Your core values are changing as you step away from your Addiction and turn to Abundant Living! All this process is a natural part of you Becoming an EX! You have changed and your relationships will change too! 

All for the BETTER!