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Every Monday I post a BLOG called Know your Enemy - Knowedge is Power! This Blog is a series of articles taken from current news items that relate to the world of smoking. They help me to stay resolved to Protect my QUIT at all times. I hope they help you as well. BUT today isn't Monday Thomas! Yes, I know! But I was sick and as today begins a New Year, I decided to wait until today! So grab your coffee, learn and listen!


Smoking doesn't relieve stress, quitting does!

10 Persistent Myths About Smoking

Tumour grows from cigarette

Seniors Looking To Quit Smoking Get More Help From Medicare

   Creatures of bad habits: The shocking images of animals smoking cigarettes  
   Shelling out for a bad habit: The smoking terrapin in Yongji county, China gets through half a pack a day
   Puffin away: This magpie in Poland retrieves cigarettes from the packet when offered one
   Life's a drag: Cats are among the worst affected by cigarette smoke because the carcinogens also stick to their fur
   Human nature: Zhora the chimp was taken out of her zoo in Russia and put into rehab because of her problems with alcohol and cigarettes
   Teaching an old dog bad tricks: Treasure the cocker spaniel, who lives in Beijing, China, chases people who are smoking down the street and eats butts
   Filthy habit: Raju the monkey picked up smoking from his rickshaw driver owner Ramesh
   Lighting up: A Puff adder called Po smokes one cigarette in the morning and one at night in Taiwan