How BecomeanEX changed my COPD Life!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 28, 2012

When I came here it was day 1 of my COPD diagnosis and I wasted no time in relearning how to LIVE as an EXer! I listened, learned, practiced, and became an EX!


Simultaneously, I had to come to terms with having a chronic, progressive, incurable smoking-related illness. I knew that the first step in quitting smoking is to DECIDE that I would LIVE smoke-free. AND I knew that the first step in Living with COPD was to DECIDE how I will Live the rest of the LIFE that my Creator gives me!


BecomeanEXers told me that I can be positive, affirming and instead of focusing on what I'm giving up (which in the case of smoking is absolutely nothing of importance), I should keep my FOCUS on what I am gaining - FREEDOM! Well, what was I giving up the day I was diagnosed, really? I was giving up the illusion of health! The illness had been there for Heaven only knows how long! The only thing that had changed is my awareness! Is there anything to "gain" in that? YES! Awareness gave me CHOICES! Before I was diagnosed I didn't even know I had choices to make! That day I knew!


BecomeanEXers told me that the quitting Experience is a journey of one day at a time - not an event! Since COPD is incurable, it definitely is a lifetime journey - taken one day at a time! Daily resolve to FOCUS on the Positive with DETERMINATION (Tommy are you reading this?) has made my journey along the road of COPD an entire different EXperience from some others whom I have met with this disease! I have decided to take the positive steps that are available to me as a COPDer - including but not limited to changing daily routine, changing small habits, changing environment, seeking, accepting and offering support, re-affirming the best I have to the EFFORT, celebrating my Victories, giving myself permission to be human, vulnerable yet willful and self-directed, stepping outside of myself when thoughts are full of negativity, cherishing my family and remembering to Thank my Wife for her support!


I, of course, cannot be grateful for having COPD like I'm grateful for not smoking, but I can and am grateful for the AWARENESS - the knowing what I have and what I can do about it! 


If you are a Smoker, TODAY is a Great Day to be Smoke FREE!

If you are an EXer, Protect your Quit as if your LIFE depends on it...

because IT DOES!

If you are a COPDer, be Affirming, do your BEST to see the positive things that you can do for yourself and then,