World COPD Awareness Day

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 14, 2012

Today is World COPD AWARENESS DAY and I'm taking this opportunity to share information with my BecomeanEX Family about COPD. I start with one EXample of the 50 BLOGS I have written on COPD/Emphysema - some personal and some informational. So if you have a need for COPD knowledge you can come to my page and rummage around in my BLOGS for info or just ask me to hunt down the answers to a specific question. All you need do is to ASK! So many of you have read Beating the Odds on the HOME PAGE of this site (Thank YOU for your kind comments and support!) Here is another one:


Now what EXactly is COPD? The BEST source of information is the American Lung Association! Here is the link:


Many of you have asked. "What can I do to help somebody with COPD? A recent BLOG by another COPDer caused me to EXplain PLB (Pursed Lip Breathing) on MY PAGE - don't forget that it's there for anybody EXperiencing shortness of breath! Here is a great link with more info on helping someone with COPD:


Next is an oversight of the effects of COPD on the Americas which is not only caused by smoking. In poor countries, it is also caused by burning charcoal or wood for cooking and heat:


Finally, I'm including a list of Events planned for World COPD Day:


A reminder that HALF of those with COPD in the USA have not yet been diagnosed! So if you have any of the symptoms, like smoker's cough, overactive sputum, or shortness of breath, ask your Doctor for a Spirometry Test! COPD is happening in younger and younger populations (including 20s!) This test is fast, easy, and affordable and you get immediate results! If you don't have COPD now - SUPER! But if you do, I want you to know that with early diagnosis and a proactive health management, LIFE can have a normal life-span and GOOD Quality of LIFE! I FEEL GOOD! My lung capacity has stabilized since diagnosis!


MOST IMPORTANT for ALL of US: QUIT SMOKING TODAY or if you have Quit - CONGRATULATIONS! Protect your Quit as if your LIFE depends on it - because IT DOES! 

Have an EXcellent Smoke FREE Day!