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When I came here it was day 1 of my COPD diagnosis and I wasted no time in relearning how to LIVE as an EXer! I listened, learned, practiced, and became an EX!


Simultaneously, I had to come to terms with having a chronic, progressive, incurable smoking-related illness. I knew that the first step in quitting smoking is to DECIDE that I would LIVE smoke-free. AND I knew that the first step in Living with COPD was to DECIDE how I will Live the rest of the LIFE that my Creator gives me!


BecomeanEXers told me that I can be positive, affirming and instead of focusing on what I'm giving up (which in the case of smoking is absolutely nothing of importance), I should keep my FOCUS on what I am gaining - FREEDOM! Well, what was I giving up the day I was diagnosed, really? I was giving up the illusion of health! The illness had been there for Heaven only knows how long! The only thing that had changed is my awareness! Is there anything to "gain" in that? YES! Awareness gave me CHOICES! Before I was diagnosed I didn't even know I had choices to make! That day I knew!


BecomeanEXers told me that the quitting Experience is a journey of one day at a time - not an event! Since COPD is incurable, it definitely is a lifetime journey - taken one day at a time! Daily resolve to FOCUS on the Positive with DETERMINATION (Tommy are you reading this?) has made my journey along the road of COPD an entire different EXperience from some others whom I have met with this disease! I have decided to take the positive steps that are available to me as a COPDer - including but not limited to changing daily routine, changing small habits, changing environment, seeking, accepting and offering support, re-affirming the best I have to the EFFORT, celebrating my Victories, giving myself permission to be human, vulnerable yet willful and self-directed, stepping outside of myself when thoughts are full of negativity, cherishing my family and remembering to Thank my Wife for her support!


I, of course, cannot be grateful for having COPD like I'm grateful for not smoking, but I can and am grateful for the AWARENESS - the knowing what I have and what I can do about it! 


If you are a Smoker, TODAY is a Great Day to be Smoke FREE!

If you are an EXer, Protect your Quit as if your LIFE depends on it...

because IT DOES!

If you are a COPDer, be Affirming, do your BEST to see the positive things that you can do for yourself and then,




Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 27, 2012


November is National COPD Awareness Month and I'm taking this one last time in November to share more information on this chronic progressive incurable smoking related illness.You may remember me stating that 12 million US residents have been diagnosed with COPD. WELL - that number has gone up to 15 million! AND half of all those who have COPD have yet to be diagnosed! That's 6% of our entire population! Here's an article with the latest statistics:


What is COPD, you ask?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a combination of lung illnesses including but not limited to asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema - the most common smoking related combination. Some of the most common symptoms you may notice in yourself or others are frequent shortness of breath, chronic cough, wheezing and excessive phlegm production. Take a look at things you do every day - like going up and down the steps, walking to the mail box, or shopping. Are these things more difficult than they used to be because you find yourself having to catch your breath? This could be COPD. You may be like me and say, "Oh, that's just a little smoker's cough!" or "Yea, I'm getting older and slowing down! Sometimes I just go too fast for my own good!" Keep in mind that sickerettes have ingredients purposely added to their products to hide the "smoker's cough!" That's why when you quit smoking, you often cough more than ever before for the first few weeks or longer! A lingering cough well after quitting smoking should definitely be checked out! In fact, ALL smokers and EXers should be tested for COPD! [especially minorities, women and young people!] The youngest person I've know (online) was Stage III at 22 years old!!!!


When you go to your doctor, tell him/her that you want a Spirometry Test! Do not take no for an answer! A spirometry test is a simple non-invasive breathing test that is a good diagnostic tool for COPD. The equipment most likely is sitting right there in your doctor's office. The test is very affordable and the results are instantaneous! 


It's important that a person who has COPD get diagnosed early because they will then have many more options for protecting their lungs and health and with lifestyle adjustments living a long, full, quality life! I can tell you from EXperience that even Stage II can either be debilitating or completely normal depending on the decisions that a patient makes! But at least you have a choice!!!! 


IF YOU ARE QUIT - PROTECT YOUR QUIT as if your LIFE depends on it ....


My Comcast modem is flickering off  and on constantly! I spent - count them! - 4 hours on the phone to convince them to replace the da%$ thing!!!! They'll send somebody out Wednesday, as long as I understand that if it's my fault I will be charged for any replacement equipment plus service call! If I could insert my arm through the telephone cyberspace and reach the collective throats of all Comcast Service Employees, they'd all be gasping for air!!!! 

But I won't smoke over it! 

If I haven't answered your messages - that's why! Sorry!

Wow! Thanksgiving is over and now the pre-season festivites of Christmas start right when we just resolved to quit and stay quit on the Great American Smoke Out or are planning to quit as our New Year's Resolution! A lot of triggers and a lot of pressure to quit at the same time! What's an EXer to do? 

My suggestion is to stay close to BecomeanEX and get lots of support about your Quit Journey, and daily Fortify your Quititude!!! One of the best ways I fortify my quititude is with KNOW YOUR ENEMY because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! In that spirit, weekly I share the latest from the news articles around the country and even the world! 

Take Smoking Will Rot Your Brain! I think it says it all, but after all we're Addicts so it's tough to break through our Addictive Thinking, isn't it? So there's some great articles about smoking cessation in here, too! That's the carrot!

And here's the stick! If you don't decide to quit, there are many social, professional, even legal consequences to add to your reasons for quitting! But the best reason of all is because you're worth it! Do it for you! Reading KNOW YOUR ENEMY is a big help!

CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer



Secondhand smoke a problem at five major airports, CDC says

60 Percent of Big Cities Have Smoking Bans

Time to pass a statewide smoke-free workplace ban

Passive smoking can make you Deaf!

Smoking bans pick up momentum on college campuses, despite protests


Smoking Will ‘Rot’ Your Brain


You can quit smoking, and there are many ways to try

Give the Gift of a Healthier You: Stop smoking


Do smoking signs make us want to smoke?


Unpopular kids more likely to smoke as adults: study


More employers demand applicants quit smoking


Tobacco company appeals in cigarette samples case

Big Tobacco's little favours


Tanzania: Child Labour in Tobacco Farms Even Worse Thing


GreenSpace: Banishing the ugly butts



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 20, 2012

We're very Blessed by Our Creator when we take the Opportunity and make the Effort to LIVE Smoke FREE! On Day 100 I wrote this list  - I'm sure you can add your own....


These are some of the Gifts that come to mind as I CELEBRATE my QUIT:

(1) I feel more SELF-CONFIDENT because I made a choice to change my self-destructive behavior and followed through.

(2) I feel more HONEST because I am not evading truthfulness about the consequences in order to support my Smoking Addiction.

(3) I feel more SELF-RESPECT because I made a decision to QUIT SMOKING and honored that decision.

(4) I feel more SECURE because I no longer have that constant battle "I want to smoke"vs"I don't want to smoke."

(5) I feel more OPTIMISTIC because I no longer attack stress with another cigarette, I attack it with a constructive plan of action.

(6) I feel more SPIRITUAL because when I called upon my higher power for assistance I felt his/her response.

(7) I feel more DECISIVE because I saw how I can set a goal and accomplish it one day at a time each and every day.

(8) I feel more SELF-AWARE because I sense days or situations of weakness and have a winning back up plan to protect my QUIT.

(9) I feel more INTEGRATED because when my body said "I need...." my mind and spirit responded affirmatively.

(10) I feel more JOY as I experience COLLATERAL KINDNESS and CELEBRATE each and every daily VICTORY over my Smoking Addiction with my BecomeanEx friends!  THANK YOU for CELEBRATING with me!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!



Image Caption: This is an example of a health warning image placed on cigarette packages in Brazil. Credit: Ministerio da Saude




Alberta Legislature: Cigarette Legislation To Reduce Smoking Rates Among Youth

Adolescents with low status among peers are more likely to become adult smokers


30 of largest cities have comprehensive no-smoking laws, U.S. says,0,2179372.story

Two more tribes go tobacco-free in Southeast Alaska

Brazil Credits Strong Tobacco Control Policies For Saving More Than 400,000 Lives

Study: Gruesome cigarette-pack images sway smokers


Yale study: Smoking while pregnant can affect child's reading comprehension


Family Health Matters: Breathe Easy -- What is COPD? How to prevent it, how to treat it


Cell phone messages may help smokers quit,0,1004932.story

6 Online Tools to Help You Quit Smoking for Good


Quit smoking to save health, looks, money


Tobacco Firms Predict Sharp Increase in Illegal Cigarettes


Cash cuts increase smoking death risk for world's poor, study says

Inhale - all the way down to your toes!!!!

Exhale - slooooowly and as much as you can (challenge yourself to exhale 2X the time it takes to inhale!)

Praise the LORD that you CAN! 

This is the miracle of breathing:


Breathing is the process that moves air in and out of the lungs.  Aerobic organisms of these types—such as birds, mammals, and reptiles—require oxygen to release energy via respiration, in the form of themetabolism of energy-rich molecules such as glucose. Breathing is only one process that delivers oxygen to where it is needed in the body and removes carbon dioxide. Another important process involves the movement of blood by the circulatory system. Gas exchange occurs in the pulmonary alveoli by passive diffusion of gases between the alveolar gas and the blood in lung capillaries. Once these dissolved gases are in the blood, the heart powers their flow around the body (via the circulatory system). The medical term for normal relaxed breathing is eupnea.

In addition to removing carbon dioxide, breathing results in loss of water from the body. Exhaled air has arelative humidity of 100% because of water diffusing across the moist surface of breathing passages and alveoli.

File:Respiratory system complete en.svg

This is what you put at risk by smoking! You may right now as you "enjoy that sickerette" be doing irreparable damage to this very complex, very amazing part of your physical being! 

Breathing is so fundamental, it is referred to in the Bible 930 times! Dare we ignore this gift of LIFE?

If you haven't quit, yet - TODAY is a Great Day to Become Smoke FREE!

If you have quit, Protect your Quit as if your LIFE depends on it - because IT DOES!

If you have difficulty breathing, please see your Doctor and ask for a Spirometry Test! Even if you have damaged your Lungs, there are many actions you can take to facilitate your breathing and manage your Health!

And don't forget to THANK GOD this Thanksgiving Day for the Breath of LIFE!



The day you quit smoking is an extraordinary personal event that you are likely to remember and cherish! But the true meaning of your quit is the day to day process - the decision you make today, the decision you'll make tomorrow, each event that adds to the continuation of the process which is a new way of living! Living Life ADDICTION FREE! That's what this is all about! You are choosing to live life abundantly, believing in yourself, seeing that you deserve to be Happy and Healthy! You are making a life affirming decision that you know will affect not just yourself but will send a clear and unmistakeable message to your loved ones - I care enough not only about you but about myself to care for myself, knowing that caring for myself is primary to caring for you, the people I love! Self esteem! Self worth! Integrity! This is Abundant Living! This is what it means to be the person that my Creator intends for me to be! My name is Thomas and what you see is what you get - a fella who values his own life enough to decide to be ADDICTION FREE! I want to be honest with you but more importantly I will be honest with myself! That's impossible under the smoke cloud! Know thyself! To thy own self be TRUE! Make each event of Today a part of the larger process of valuing yourself because yes, YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Good Morning Please everybody watch this video from beginning to end! It was first published by Carenda on May 19, 2011 - Thank You, Carenda!


You will never forget it!

This is Real Life!

Today is World COPD AWARENESS DAY and I'm taking this opportunity to share information with my BecomeanEX Family about COPD. I start with one EXample of the 50 BLOGS I have written on COPD/Emphysema - some personal and some informational. So if you have a need for COPD knowledge you can come to my page and rummage around in my BLOGS for info or just ask me to hunt down the answers to a specific question. All you need do is to ASK! So many of you have read Beating the Odds on the HOME PAGE of this site (Thank YOU for your kind comments and support!) Here is another one:


Now what EXactly is COPD? The BEST source of information is the American Lung Association! Here is the link:


Many of you have asked. "What can I do to help somebody with COPD? A recent BLOG by another COPDer caused me to EXplain PLB (Pursed Lip Breathing) on MY PAGE - don't forget that it's there for anybody EXperiencing shortness of breath! Here is a great link with more info on helping someone with COPD:


Next is an oversight of the effects of COPD on the Americas which is not only caused by smoking. In poor countries, it is also caused by burning charcoal or wood for cooking and heat:


Finally, I'm including a list of Events planned for World COPD Day:


A reminder that HALF of those with COPD in the USA have not yet been diagnosed! So if you have any of the symptoms, like smoker's cough, overactive sputum, or shortness of breath, ask your Doctor for a Spirometry Test! COPD is happening in younger and younger populations (including 20s!) This test is fast, easy, and affordable and you get immediate results! If you don't have COPD now - SUPER! But if you do, I want you to know that with early diagnosis and a proactive health management, LIFE can have a normal life-span and GOOD Quality of LIFE! I FEEL GOOD! My lung capacity has stabilized since diagnosis!


MOST IMPORTANT for ALL of US: QUIT SMOKING TODAY or if you have Quit - CONGRATULATIONS! Protect your Quit as if your LIFE depends on it - because IT DOES! 

Have an EXcellent Smoke FREE Day!


When You Say:

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 13, 2012




before you have even quit - you are setting yourself up for relapse from the beginning!

Learn about Nicotine Addiction

and then don't leave it up to maybe!

Make a DECISION to live N.O.P.E. one day at a time!





How do we vanquish our fears and fight our personal demons successfully? Should we fight them at all?

It certainly takes spiritual fortitude to face your fears and battle your demons but is warring the best way to victory?

Whether you believe in literal demons who breathe fire from hades or not, you most likely face personal demons that seem just as formidable as if they were in third-dimensional form. Among those energies / collective thought form entities that can appear overwhelming and bigger than we are stands fear, doubt, worry, shame, guilt and rage.


I've learned I can almost gauge my ability to transmute and evolve as a spiritual being on any level, by how often I am facing personal demons. 

How you choose to approach fighting demons says a lot about the path you are choosing as spiritual being as well. Though it may feel as if there really is only one way to victory, there are different ways of healing and transforming.

One of the most overlooked ways to work through our fears is through those who challenge us. Those who push our buttons the most may also prove to be our best spiritual teachers. 





Acceptance as a Warrior Approach:


Another way of fighting our demons without fighting lies in the way of accepting what is and releasing resistance to the present moment. 

Note that starting with nonresistance and acceptance was not my way initially. 

Accepting my reality, when that reality was painful and undesirable seemed the last thing I'd ever do, for a long time.

Acceptance and non-resistance as a way to overcome fears and face personal demons seemed to be admitting that a wrong situation was ok. It took a while for me to realize that wasn't what was being said at all in embracing the present moment with self-responsibility. 

The idea of accepting the presence of a situation within which I was suffering or accepting the presence of a person whose actions resulted in pain for me, seemed to be a type of defeat that would leave me helpless and forever vulnerable. 


Seeking to avoid feeling weak and vulnerable, I fought against this idea of surrender into what is. I fought it for a long, long, tedious time. 

In other words, I fought against not fighting my personal demons. The need to resist them was stronger than my ability to see another way; the fear of not resisting them was stronger than the faith of having support to walk thru them.

I guess I may have kept fighting except for a situation that so completely slammed me that I had nothing left with which to battle anything. 

I collapsed, because I had no choice. 

I surrendered out of lack of energy to do anything else.

In the stillness that followed, nothing happened for what seemed an eternity but was only 3 months in linear time. I was not yet surrendered completely; my mind had gone numb as a defense mechanism of the ego. 



When my soul decided that's enough of that, the situation and pain and person came rushing back into awareness and I had a choice to make. 

This time, I did something different - nothing. Instead of raising back up to do battle, I simply recognized that I owned this situation. I had called these people to me and chosen to co-create this situation. Realizing this, I realized something else ....

I had to stand and fight in the only way that really ever works. I had to let the situation be what it was, let each person be who they were, and still be who I was, in it.

At that moment, I finally understood that the only way to stop this situation from recurring was to fully get it. Know my part in it. Be with the effects of it til I realized what it was in me that drew it. 

I realized that fighting demons outside myself would never work. The reality was that my personal demons originated with me and could only really be conquered on the inner ground of my consciousness.

You do not quit to keep from dying. You quit so you can live while you are here! 

Have you "tried your best to fight the craves and can't seem to win?" Are you sitting there scratching your head about what went wrong and feeling like you can "never win?" I'll tell you something I learned Thanks to the Elders who helped me launch the adventure of my lifetime - Smoke FREE Living! 

I came here like most of us not knowing anything about Nicotine Addiction and was told to read and I did! It really helped but there was this guy who I thought was goofy (Thank Goodness I now know that he was spot on!) His name is James and his moniker is the Happy Quitter! ....Say what? what's there to be happy about? Strong, yes! Determined, yes! Stubborn, fierce, a fighter! But happy??? As I thought about it, something really clicked and the light bulb came on! 


I had been fighting the Nico-Demon with willpower! What could be more effective than that? But I was missing the essential...The Nico-Demon is ME!!!!!




So when I was fighting myself, how could I win without losing??? And guess what, the loser had been the part that wanted to be FREE! You can't be FREE when you're fighting!!!! 

This fellow James had something - something I really, really wanted! he was not just Quit - He was Happy being Quit! 

So how do you handle the craves if you don't fight??? What do you do instead? 

There's a fellow here named Tommy who repeatedly told me to use Focus and Determination. Could I combine these 2 great pieces of advice? Think about Focus for a minute....


When you focus with determination instead of fighting with determination, the whole picture changes! I had changed my perspective! The Nico-demon became more blurry, less important and the object of my Focus increased in POWER - the POWER to WIN! And what was that very important object of my FOCUS?





FREEDOM from the Chains of Addiction! 

FREEDOM to be the ME that my Creator made me to be!

FREEDOM from pain, suffering, illness, devastation!

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize and ignore the Nico-Demon - but don't fight Him because HE IS ME! Just Focus on the Prize! Will He scream for attention? Oh yea! But when you ignore Him long enough, He loses energy - you Energy is on your Prize! And He gets weaker....and weaker...and weaker...and becomes a little bitty gnat that once in a great while bugs you but you easily have the POWER to swat Him back into His place tiny! So worthless! 




As you can see from my Page, I'm reminding everybody to take care of your Lungs! November is COPD Awareness and Lung Cancer Awareness Month! Wednesday is World COPD Awareness Day and of course, Thursday is the Great American Smoke OUT! So many reminders of why we Wish and Need to be FREE for LIFE! 

Amongst today's articles are many reminders of how smoking is hurting innocent people all around us! It's important to realize that this vice doesn't just hurt us - it hurts many people who we least suspect whether robbing them of having a healthy parent, robbing our neighborhoods of safety, or robbing our children of their health, too! 

Plus there are many encouraging tips about smoking cessation that you don't want to miss! So grab your cup of cofee, get comfortable in your chair, and learn more that can help you fortitfy your Quititude!




Campus Smoking Ban: A Secondhand Student Health Issue


Smoking threatens children’s health


One smoker increases health risk to nonsmokers



Plan to Become an Ex-Smoker for Good


Quit smoking with tips from American Cancer Society


A spoonful of sugar may help you quit smoking


1 in 5 Still Smoke, but They're Smoking Less





Smoking in bed starts fire that forces 25 families to evacuate,0,4464495.story



Global deal agreed to fight tobacco smuggling


Smoking, tobacco-use on the rise among women


Tobacco industry accused of using apps to lure children




Lung Cancer Awareness Month: What We Can Learn From Celebrities Touched By The Disease

As COPD Awareness Month continues throughout November, the COPD Alliance ( again is providing free tools and resources to help clinicians battle COPD. This year the COPD Alliance is also launching the “Destroy the Pack, Don’t Look Back” photo contest which is asking people to submit original photos depicting the most creative way to destroy cigarettes, all in an effort to encourage smokers to quit. People can participate in the contest by visiting the COPD Alliance Facebook page at


An estimated 24 million Americans have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), half of whom remain undiagnosed, and the disease is the third leading cause of death in the United States.


What Is COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a common preventable and treatable lung disease that causes problems with breathing. Patients with COPD have trouble pushing used air out of their lungs, making it difficult to take in healthy new air. COPD includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both.


The most common cause of COPD is cigarette smoking—a behavior that we can work to prevent and help our patients overcome. Genetic factors or environmental and occupational exposures also may play a role in the development of COPD.


Coughing, with or without sputum, and breathlessness are the first symptoms patients generally notice. Over time, the breathlessness can worsen, sometimes to the point that dressing and bathing become difficult. Increased respiratory effort can cause fatigue with everyday activities.

Screening and Diagnosis

The first step in identifying patients with COPD is a detailed medical and work history, physical examination, and use of a validated COPD screening tool. Primary care clinicians may perform an in-office spirometry test to confirm the diagnosis of COPD.


Changing the Face of COPD


A change in disease burden

COPD is currently the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Although the overall financial burden of COPD has yet to be determined, the total economic cost of COPD is expected to be $49.9 billion by 2010. This includes $29.5 billion in direct health-care expenditures and $20.4 billion in indirect costs.


A change in perception

A wide perception persists that COPD is a disease of the elderly, especially elderly men.2 In reality, COPD affects both men and women, many of whom are of working age.3 The typical patient with COPD resembles any chronic smoker aged 40 years or older. Many of these patients will be in their late 40s to 50s and still working full time. Many patients will continue to do all or most of their typical activities but find they limit exercise or exertion. They have often recently complained of recurrent episodes of prolonged or severe colds or chest colds. However, when speaking with clinicians, they may say they are fine and attribute their symptoms to increasing age or lack of physical fitness.


An estimated 24 million Americans may have COPD. Could your patient be one of them?


Screening for COPD using a validated screening tool is an important step in identifying patients who may be at risk for COPD.


The COPD screening tool is easy to use and can be self-administered by the patient in a clinician's office. Currently, there are two validated screening tools. Both tools involve five questions related to a patient's smoking history and symptoms. The questions are scored based on the patient's risk for COPD.


The COPD Alliance provides clinicians access to a validated COPD Population ScreenerTM (COPD-PS) online. Clinicians can download the COPD-PS (English and Spanish versions) for use in their offices or instruct patients to take the electronic version online.


Screening alone does not confirm a COPD diagnosis. However, using the final screening score, clinicians can determine if a patient should undergo spirometry testing to confirm a COPD diagnosis. All patients who score 5 or greater on the validated screener should undergo spirometry testing to confirm diagnosis.


Taking Action Can Make a Difference


Although there is no cure for COPD, symptoms can be controlled to improve a patient’s quality of life. The lung and airway damage cannot be repaired,1 but all of the symptoms of COPD can be reduced if you, as a clinician, take action. With your help, your patients can live well with COPD.


Steps for better living with COPD

Smoking cessation 

Exercise and good nutrition

Flu (influenza) and pneumonia vaccinations

An understanding of COPD treatments and medicines

Stress control


After Month One....

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 10, 2012

A study by Drs. Gillinder Bedi and Harriet de Wit of the University of Chicago and Drs. Kenzie Preston, David Epstein, and Stephen Heishman of the NIDA Intramural Research Program provided initial evidence that drug-dependent humans can experience “incubation” of cue-induced craving. The phenomenon— an increasing susceptibility to drug cues during the first months of abstinence—has been documented repeatedly in animals. The issue has important clinical implications, suggesting that cues may continue to act as a potent trigger for relapse well past the initial period of withdrawal.

The 86 participants in the study were daily smokers who were not seeking treatment and were paid to quit for 7, 14, or 35 days. They came to the laboratory daily for tests to confirm abstinence, and the researchers measured their craving responses to cues on the last day of their participation. One group also participated in repeated cue tests on days 7, 14, and 35. The cues consisted of holding a lit cigarette and looking at photos of cigarettes, and participants rated their craving before and after cue exposure.

 The cue-induced craving was roughly twice as strong after 35 days of abstinence as it was after 1 week. Moreover, the craving increased over this period even though the smokers’ urges to light up in the absence of cues steadily weakened, dropping by more than 25 percent over 5 weeks.

Biological Psychiatry 69(7):708– 711, 2011.

This is NO MAN'S LAND! Be Prepared! You're not "finished quitting" 

-You're just getting started!

You didn't become addicted overnight and you won't be FREE overnight either!

Nicotine's chemical properties are addictive. If you take that nicotine away from your body, it will miss it and you will experience physical and mental withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms surface after three-five days of quitting smoking and linger for approximately two weeks. We list out some of these symptoms to help you prepare for these side-effects to smoking cessation. Rest assured that these symptoms, while some are unpleasant, will only be transitionary and once you're rid of them, will leave you feeling much better after quitting smoking.

Emotional withdrawal

Some of the most common symptoms are...

Depression: You may feel low, sad and hopeless. Hence it is important to surround yourself with people, preferably non smokers and friends who will support your decision to quit smoking.

Angry: Emotional upheaval can make you angry. Others may not be aware of it, but you know what's happening to your body. The age-old remedy of counting till 10 isn't such a bad idea. Stop, think, regain your calm and composure before losing your cool.

Bored: You may have noticed that when you were bored, tired or depressed you tend to smoke. Now that you are on your way to a smoke free life replace these voids with hobbies or get involved with people around you. Pay more attention to your loved ones.

Lonely: Withdrawal of smoking can make you feel lonely, impatient and irritable. If your friends are busy, take up a dance class or cooking class. It is important to expect these feelings of loneliness, so stay prepared.

Mood swing: Tempers will flare and tantrums will increase. These are not exactly PMSsymptoms. Nicotine was once your evil friend but now you have to bear with the loss of the addiction. This will throw your emotional reactions to daily happenings into a tizzy. Most quitters will need help with these mood swings. Replace the smoking placebo with something else. Invest in some great music and strong coffee, maybe?

Physical withdrawal

Nicotine obstructs the flow of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body. Now that you have quit smoking, your body has to hit the reverse button to detox.

Bowel discomfort: It's time to change your diet and fitness once you quit smoking. Quitting smoking can cause cramps, nausea, flatulence and constipation, therefore it is important to increase roughage and exercise your body.

Nasal and throat problems: When you stop smoking, your nose and throat will try to clear the mucous that has accumulated over the years. You may experience coughing, dry throat and mouth. Fluids are the key to clearing this process.

Increase in appetite: Craving for cigarettes can be confused with hunger cravings. The best way to stay healthy is to consume fluids and low calorie snacks.

Headaches: Lack of nicotine can lead to headaches, the way out of it is with massages, plenty of water and rest. Gently massage your temple, drink water, take a hot shower and take a deep breathe.

Lack of sleep: You may experience insomnia after you quit smoking. Take a hot shower before you hit the sack, do breathing exercises too and most importantly avoid coffee closer to bed-time.

Restlessness/lack of concentration: You feel like there is energy bursting in you, transfer this energy into something constructive. In these situations smokes would calm your nerves, but now switch off that thought and cultivate a new habit. You may feel you can't concentrate too; try listening to music or take a break from your routine life.

Weight gain: Increase in craving can lead to weight gain, especially if you indulge in unhealthy food. But don't be dejected, you can cut it out with exercise and the right diet.

Sweating and shaky hands and feet: You will feel that your hands and feet tremble. It is a passing phase that will stop. If you experience these withdrawals you know your body is simply shedding an addiction and leading you to a much healthier life.

Skin trouble: While quitting smoking is associated with healthier skin, the period of withdrawal will cause some skin trouble. Some people with sensitive skin might break out into a fresh acne case or suffer from some ulcers in the inner-cheeks, tongue and mouth. The reason is simply that your body is letting go of the toxins and levelling up.

Instead of losing motivation, after reading these withdrawal symptoms, the one thought any quitter must focus on is this: The fact that your body is changing so much when quitting, simply showcases how much it is continuously changed and affected while you still smoke. Avoid poor health and dangerous diseases - quit smoking today.


Here we go again!

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November is National COPD Awareness Month


When you search for COPD on this website there are 5060 results! That leads me to conclude that there is a need and interest in knowing about COPD! Then I added Thomas to the search and got 2750!!!! That's OK! I'm back again to remind everybody newbie and elder to pay attention to your breathing, be aware of the symptoms of COPD and if you have the slightest doubt, get checked out! Ask your Doctor for a Spirometry Test! It's a simple noninvasive breathing test that you can most likely take right there in your Doctor's office and get immediate results!Over HALF of the folks with COPD are undiagnosed and at this very moment, further damaging their lungs not just from smoking but from a lack of effective treatment! Early diagnosis and treatment makes all the difference in the progression of this chronic, progressive, incurable disease! 


WHAT IS COPD? People with COPD have more than one of Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and/or Emphysema which makes you cough a lot and very, very hard! You have shortness of breath because you can't inhale or exhale properly! Because you can't exhale completely, the CO and CO2 that is normally exhaled stay in your body as a toxin that enters the cells of the extremities and you lose arm and leg function. Also, vision can be affected because of the toxicity. What's more, you are more prone to every viral and bacterial infection that comes along - easier to catch and more intense and prolonged symptoms. Each infection increases the cycle of damage and vulnerability. There is no cure but there is a lot that a patient can do to slow the progress of the disease. Most important is Quit Smoking Now! It's very important to find a pulmonary rehab and join it so they can teach you how to clear those nasty CO toxins from your system! And stay active - all this can be very depressing but the depression adds to the immobility which adds to the debility etc, down, down, down! All that has to be fought with upward action - POSITIVE THINKING and CONTROL the disease - don't let it control you! There is a lot of HOPE and it starts with the QUIT!



Good Morning, EX Community! 

I hope those of you who haven't voted take the time to vote today!

Today I have found some very impressive articles to read! Take the information about how your DNA is changed by smoking or the organization in Australia with a 90% success rate! So grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable at your desk, and enjoy learning more about the enemy and fortifying your Quititude!




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Smoke-Free Workplace Laws Linked to Lower Incidence of Heart Attacks



Second-hand smoking damages memory



1 in 5 smokers lights up while in hospital


Smokers leave a history of their addiction in DNA


Smoking push to quit for the baby



Are Smartphone Apps Encouraging Young Smokers?



Smoking cessation plan in the works?


Ninety percent success rate for smoking cessation services


Will Yoga Help You Quit Smoking?






Nancy doesn't seem to be here today so I wanted to republish one of my Favorite BLOGS by one of my Favorite Advocates! I hope this helps those of us who are waivering!!!




Your DECISION to stop smoking starts with your mindset and usually goes something like this. The first few attempts usually turn out to be dismal failures because you weren't actually serious when you quit! We saved the ashtrays, packs of ciggs (just in case) and even told ourselves we would only smoke if things got really bad, too stressful, or if we lost our job etc... WHY would we do that? Personally I believe it's because we had smoked for such a long time and we really WANTED to quit, but not FOREVER...that was way too much to realize at the time....So we left the "back doors" open in our subconscious mind to starting again.....But ONLY if something TERRIBLE happened...even though the TERRIBLE thing did or didn't happen, our mind kept drifting back to the old subconscious 'brainwashing' of "I'll never REALLY be happy without smoking", or "I love smoking" ", or blah,blah,blah....... Then, after awhile, when we become serious enough to quit, we come to the realization that we are CHOOSING to quit smoking (not just a "want to")...... we DECIDE we are choosing to quit smoking FOREVER, and the task becomes much easier. This time we realize that smoking will NOT BE AN OPTION, for any reason at all, no matter what . So on a conscious and a subconscious level, there is no internal arguement...we have CHOSEN to be free and will honor that decision to remain free to staying quit every day.....The quit process does take time, but the better your DECISION to quit is at the outset, the better quit you will have and all of the "back doors", where the old brainwashing is located, or REASONS/EXCUSES to smoke will be closed. So if you are a newbie or a long time quitter, ask yourself about the "what if reasons" to start back smoking are before they can happen and CLOSE those BACK DOORS.


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