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Need to Stay Busy?

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 25, 2012

Why not join the 106 Members of Our Positive Affirmation Group?

- You can sort through the 44 pages of affirmations and make a list of the ones you like the most!

- You can find and add affirmations of your own to add to the collection!

- You can share with other members and quit buddies the affirmations that struck a cord with you!

- You can print out or copy some of your favorites and post them on your fridge, front door, bathroom mirror, bedroom night stand, TV screen, computer work area, etc.....

You will stay very busy and you will be enhancing your Quititude all at the same time! 

Have Fun!

Good Morning! Every week I offer a list of interesting relevant news articles so that we all can know the latest in Nicotine Addiction News. Today there are several articles that you may find not only interesting but may also help you to reaffirm your commitment to LIVING Smoke FREE! Comments are Welcome! I also appreciate feedback. Have a Fabulous Smoke FREE DAY!




Pets affected by second-hand smoke too

Secondhand Smoke in Pregnancy Seems to Harm Baby, Too



“Hook ’em early, hook ’em for life.”

Learn the connection between youth tobacco use, peer pressure

2012 Family Dinners White Paper Finds: Teens Who Have Excellent Relationships With Their Parents Less Likely To Have Used Marijuana, Alcohol Or Tobacco



Fact Of The Day #57

Poor Smokers in New York State Spend 25% of Income on Cigarettes, Study Finds



Lindsay Lohan Chain Smoking Taking Toll on Her Health

Actress Rushed to Hospital with Breathing Problems



CDC Studying Anti-Smoking Ad Outcome


Make the Leap!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 24, 2012




When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. Lao Tzu


If you're reading this and still smoking it's because you know that it's past time to quit smoking.But just like all of us who have Successfully Quit you are full of uncertainty and anxiety. We all were! You are no different in this aspect than any addict.So what can you do? Well, for me, Knowledge is POWER! So I came here and I read a lot of Blogs, especially those written by the EXperts who have Successfully Quit for Months and even Years and stay here simply to help show us the way!!! How fortunate! Real People who were right where you are now and ARE right where you want to be! So they told me to prepare my QUITTITUDE! They told me to change my PERSPECTIVE! They told me to find a NEW FOCUS! And they told me to READ:


and Allen Carr's book - "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" - free download -


 Now, how simple can they make it for us? They have just laid out every single thing I need to know right here! I don't even have to search for it! And they told me that if I have any questions, doubts, frustrations, lost feelings, to come right back here pronto - before I make a stupid mistake and ASK FOR HELP and somebody would get back to me immediately 24/7! You know what? They DID! They have been here for me in each and every stage of this Quit Journey! That's what this Community is all about - PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE save their own LIVES! There is nothing you've told yourself about smoking and quitting that they haven't either said themselves or heard before - Nothing! They can help you BECOME AN EX for LIFE!!!!! My name is Thomas and I have 919 Smoke FREE Days because I LISTENED and I LEAPED! YOU CAN, TOO!




Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 24, 2012

Are you a bit afraid of quitting? There's nothing more natural in the World! I was afraid of the cravings, afraid of the weight gain, afraid of the mood changes, afraid of the temptation, afraid of failure, AFRAID! We live in a society that unfortunately plays on our fears for political, comercial, and personal reasons! The comercials tell you that "Quitting sucks!" The politicians, pharmaceuticals and yes, even Doctors,  tell you that it's hard to quit (but we'll be happy to sell you NRTS!) The tobacco industry lies about how safe - er their sickorettes are! Our smoking friends are glad to tell you horror stories of their unsuccessful "quits!" FEAR is an industry in our times!


Then there is BecomeanEx Community (not to be confused with BecomeanEx admin!) who tell you that it really makes no difference if you can afford NRTs and Chantix although if you do find them helpful by all means use them!  it 's not necessary to let this be a huge deprivation full of sacrifice, mood changes, and weight gain! You don't have to be miserable, grumpy, impossible to live with!


What are we "selling?" Actually nothing at all! Yet, we are not disinterested! We sincerely CARE! And we have found and are sharing SUCCESS! But it's not success that you can buy! It's FREE! We are sharing ATTITUDE! You see, we found out that when you overcome those fears, when you make that leap of faith in yourself, when you expect success, you can not only have a successful quit - YOU CAN have a Happy Quit! When I started reading here, I'll be honest, I was sceptical! Oh come on! It can't be that easy - or so I thought! But I was intrigued! I kept reading and the more I read, the more I wanted to read! What do you mean not giving up anything? Am I not giving up my best friend, my faithful and constant companion? Well, I see now that my best friend was interested in only one thing - killing me while robbing me of all my money and of my dignity and self-respect! Jeepers! With friends like that, who needs enemies???!!! 


Are you going to believe the "common wisdom" that quitting is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do?" Or are you willing to look at the possibility that quitting smoking is the very best decision you can possibly make for your health and happiness? Quitting is not an event, but a way of life - living abundantly addiction FREE! Quitting is about regaining your integrity, about returning to the real you that your Creator intends for you to be! Quitting renews your health, your self-respect, your relationships, your LIFE! Rather than the end of your "favorite vice" it is the beginning of a new way of thinking and relishing all that life has to offer!


Having quit over 2 years ago, I can assure you that I take better care of all aspects of my health today! I take much better care of my emotional health as well! I make better career and practical choices about subjects that seemingly have nothing whatsoever to do with tobacco! I navigate my relationships both social and family with more honesty and patience, with more compassion for others, with more generosity of self! Yes, I AM Happier!


Honestly, yes! There were some rough moments! There were some very challenging days! There still are some occasional temptations! That's the nature of the addictive mind! But you couldn't make me go back to smoking and give up this FREEDOM and wellbeing for anything, for any reason NO MATTER WHAT!


So consider this - make that leap! Put aside your fears! You CAN do this and you have a whole Community of sincere people here to help you! They have all been exactly where you are today! And THEY SUCCEEDED! YOU CAN TOO!


Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.


William Shakespeare

One who fears failure limits his activities. 

Failure is only the opportunity to more 

intelligently begin again.

Henry Ford

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
Vincent van Gogh



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 20, 2012

- One Day at a Time and Loving my Smoke FREE LIFE!

You CAN do this too!

Know Your Enemy!

Find Your Quititude and Commit 100%!

Genetic Link between Smoking and COPD

University of Iowa researchers have found what they believe is the first
link between smoking and decreased expression of a new class of noncoding
RNAs (microRNAs) in smokers' immune cells.

"Only 20 percent of smokers get COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
but no one knows why," says Martha Monick, Ph.D., professor of internal
medicine at the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of
Medicine. "This discovery identifies changes in a new class of molecules,
microRNAs, that might be driving gene expression that ultimately leads to
COPD/emphysema and other smoking-related disorders."

Additionally, Monick says the discovery identifies specific smoking altered
microRNAs that may provide future therapeutic targets.

The study, which looks at microRNA and gene expression in lung immune cells,
was published online recently in the journal PLoS ONE at Monick is co-senior author
with Mary Wilson, M.D., UI professor of internal medicine and microbiology.Joel Graff, PhD, a research scientist in Wilson's laboratory, is primary


author, and Thomas Gross, M.D., UI associate professor of internal medicine,
is a co-author and oversees the clinical aspects of the research.

According to Monick, the new research identifies changes in microRNAs, a new
class of gene expression regulators, in cells from smokers' compared to
nonsmokers' lungs. It is the first study to demonstrate significant
down-regulation of these small noncoding RNAs (microRNAs) in lung
macrophages from smokers. Macrophages are critical components of the innate
immune system and changes in these cells are strongly linked to disease

In addition, the study links changes in a specific microRNA (miR-452) to
increased production of a protein-degrading enzyme called MMP12, long
associated with the development of COPD and emphysema. This research, she
says, identifies a novel biological mechanism (changes in microRNA
expression controlling disease relevant genes) that may be playing an
important role in smoking-related diseases.

"We discovered the massive down-regulation of microRNAs with smoking and and
are continuing to study the mechanism of that down regulation. We are also
working to identify specific microRNAs, like the one we have linked to
MMP12, that alter expression of genes involved in smoking-related diseases."
Monick says.

Today's elections are very impassioned and many of us have our views about the Country and our future. However, for the sake of Peace and Cohesion I would humbly ask that we please minimize our political discourse! I don't want this site which depends on diversity and acceptance to become as divisive as the media and campaigns would have us become. Whether you're Republican, Democrat, Independent or could care less about politics -  it's appropriate to speak of our Unity in the Love for Our  Country. But we need not tear down each others' patriotism simply because of party affiliation.


Let's remember why we are here - to support each other in acquiring FREEDOM from Nicotine Addiction and holding fast to our New Smoke FREE lifestyles for LIFE! I wish all Americans well in their aspirations and I like many have my stakes in this election but I'm here to proclaim my FOCUS and DETERMINATION - my 100% Commitment to Smoke FREE Living! I speak of my political hopes and beliefs in other FORUMS! 





Good Morning, EXers! Make the most of your Smoke FREE Day! Autumn is in the air! And now that we have Quit for LIFE, we can smell it! What's more, we can see better and feel better and BREATHE BETTER! lists the following:

 Within ...


20 minutes

Your blood pressure, pulse rate, and the temperature of your hands and feet will all return to normal.

8 hours

Remaining nicotine in your bloodstream will have fallen to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels, a 93.25% reduction.

12 hours

Your blood oxygen level will have increased to normal and carbon monoxide levels will have dropped to normal.

24 hours

Anxieties peak in intensity and within two weeks should return to near pre-cessation levels.

48 hours

Damaged nerve endings have started to regrow and your sense of smell and taste are beginning to return to normal. Cessation anger and irritability peaks.

72 hours

Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites (the chemicals it breaks down into) will now have passed from your body via your urine.  Symptoms of chemical withdrawal have peaked in intensity, including restlessness. The number of cue induced crave episodes experienced during any quitting day will peak for the "average" ex-user. Lung bronchial tubes leading to air sacs (alveoli) are beginning to relax in recovering smokers. Breathing is becoming easier and the lungs functional abilities are starting to increase.

5 - 8 days

The "average" ex-smoker will encounter an "average" of three cue induced crave episodes per day. Although we may not be "average" and although serious cessation time distortion can make minutes feel like hours, it is unlikely that any single episode will last longer than 3 minutes. Keep a clock handy and time them.

10 days

10 days - The "average ex-user is down to encountering less than two crave episodes per day, each less than 3 minutes.

10 days to 2 weeks

Recovery has likely progressed to the point where your addiction is no longer doing the talking. Blood circulation in our gums and teeth are now similar to that of a non-user.

2 to 4 weeks

Cessation related anger, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, impatience, insomnia, restlessness and depression have ended. If still experiencing any of these symptoms get seen and evaluated by your physician.

21 days

Brain acetylcholine receptor counts up-regulated in response to nicotine's presence have now down-regulated and receptor binding has returned to levels seen in the brains of non-smokers.

2 weeks to 3 months

Your heart attack risk has started to drop. Your lung function is beginning to improve.

3 weeks to 3 months

Your circulation has substantially improved. Walking has become easier. Your chronic cough, if any, has likely disappeared.

1 to 9 months

Any smoking related sinus congestion, fatigue or shortness of breath have decreased. Cilia have regrown in your lungs thereby increasing their ability to handle mucus, keep your lungs clean, and reduce infections. Your body's overall energy has increased.

1 year

Your excess risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke has dropped to less than half that of a smoker.

5 to 15 years

Your risk of stroke has declined to that of a non-smoker.

10 years

Your risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer is between 30% and 50% of that for a continuing smoker (2005 study). Risk of death from lung cancer has declined by almost half if you were an average smoker (one pack per day).  Your risk of pancreatic cancer has declined to that of a never-smoker (2011 study), while risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus has also declined. Your risk of developing diabetes is now similar to that of a never-smoker (2012 study).

13 years

Your risk of smoking induced tooth loss has declined to that of a never-smoker (2006 study).

15 years

Your risk of coronary heart disease is now that of a person who has never smoked.

20 years

Female excess risk of death from all smoking related causes, including lung disease and cancer, has now reduced to that of a never-smoker (2008 study). Risk of pancreatic cancer reduced to that of a never-smoker (2011 study).


... so long as we stop while still time!


Her are some articles you might wish to read published this Month. I publish them here to help you learn about the ENEMY and gain your Quititude! Let me know if any of these strike a cord with you!



Smokers Have More Sleep Troubles, Study Finds


Protein Offers Link between Smoking and CVD


Smoking Study Highlights Nuanced Role of Genetics in Nicotine Addiction and Cessation



Passive smoking affects neurodevelopment in babies,76700.aspGood Morning, EXers!



Taxing tobacco: ‘Gov’t still earns if poor, youth buy less’,-youth-buy-less%E2%80%99


Secondhand smoke exposure persists in multi-unit housing



Smoking on stage and 4 other Toddlers & Tiaras controversies



Within a Decade Electronic Cigarettes will Overtake Tobacco Use


Smokers in US cutting down on cigarettes


How to quit smoking using your smartphone


What to expect when teens quit smoking



Have you "tried your best to fight the craves and can't seem to win?" Are you sitting there scratching your head about what went wrong and feeling like you can "never win?" I'll tell you something I learned Thanks to the Elders who helped me launch the adventure of my lifetime - Smoke FREE Living! 

I came here like most of us not knowing anything about Nicotine Addiction and was told to read and I did! It really helped but there was this guy who I thought was goofy (Thank Goodness I now know that he was spot on!) His name is James and his moniker is the Happy Quitter! ....Say what? what's there to be happy about? Strong, yes! Determined, yes! Stubborn, fierce, a fighter! But happy??? As I thought about it, something really clicked and the light bulb came on! 


I had been fighting the Nico-Demon with willpower! What could be more effective than that? But I was missing the essential...The Nico-Demon is ME!!!!!



So when I was fighting myself, how could I win without losing??? And guess what, the loser had been the part that wanted to be FREE! You can't be FREE when you're fighting!!!! 

This fellow James had something - something I really, really wanted! he was not just Quit - He was Happy being Quit! 

So how do you handle the craves if you don't fight??? What do you do instead? 

There's a fellow here named Tommy who repeatedly told me to use Focus and Determination. Could I combine these 2 great pieces of advice? Think about Focus for a minute....


When you focus with determination instead of fighting with determination, the whole picture changes! I had changed my perspective! The Nico-demon became more blurry, less important and the object of my Focus increased in POWER - the POWER to WIN! And what was that very important object of my FOCUS?





FREEDOM from the Chains of Addiction! 

FREEDOM to be the ME that my Creator made me to be!

FREEDOM from pain, suffering, illness, devastation!

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize and ignore the Nico-Demon - but don't fight Him because HE IS ME! Just Focus on the Prize! Will He scream for attention? Oh yea! But when you ignore Him long enough, He loses energy - you Energy is on your Prize! And He gets weaker....and weaker...and weaker...and becomes a little bitty gnat that once in a great while bugs you but you easily have the POWER to swat Him back into His place tiny! So worthless! 



ALL SMOKERS should know about COPD! Anybody that has a history of smoking should be aware of a test called spirometry. It is the #3 killer in the USA. I never heard of this thing till I was ALREADY diagnosed with COPD!  But half of people with COPD have not yet been diagnosed and like all chronic diseases early diagnosis is critical to positive outcomes!  Well, here goes:

If you have a chronic productive cough ( with sputum anything but clear), shortness of breath, wheezing, and/or smoker's raspy voice, especially AFTER you quit smoking, then you should ask your doctor to give you a spirometry test! COPD is an auto-immune illness - that means your body attacks itself! COPD doesn't care how old you are, how much you smoke (or smoked), or how many years! My doctor KNEW I had constant coughing for years and still never suggested I take the test - I had to tell him that I wanted it! (found out about the test on the internet!)  That's because my lungs were overinflated.  If you ever hear a doctor say that your lungs are overinflated they mean you have emphysema and you darn well better get a spirometry test!  It's best for anybody who's cough doesn't clear up after 6 weeks quit to get this test!  Most likely your doctor has this machine in his office and can do the test that very day and the results are instant.  It doesn't cost much to take the test either and it will tell you if you are inhaling and most important exhaling properly!  You just breathe as hard and fast into a tube as you can and the machine measures the air that comes out and compares it with what can be expected for your height, weight, and age.  So if you are even a little suspicious that something just isn't right -  Ask your doctor  if you can take this test!  You want to know as soon as possible if everything's fine or not! Almost 40% of COPD is missed by Primary Care Physicians so advocate for yourself! Demand the test!


People with COPD have more than one of Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and/or Emphysema which makes you cough a lot and very, very hard! You have shortness of breath because you can't inhale or exhale properly! Because you can't exhale completely, the CO and CO2 that is normally exhaled stay in your body as a toxin that enters the cells of the extremities and you lose arm and leg function. Also, vision can be affected because of the toxicity. What's more, you are more prone to every viral and bacterial infection that comes along - easier to catch and more intense and prolonged symptoms. Each infection increases the cycle of damage and vulnerability. Ther is no cure but there is a lot that a patient can do to slow the progress of the disease. Most important is Quit Smoking Now! It's very important to find a pulmonary rehab and join it so they can teach you how to clear those nasty CO toxins from your system! And stay active - all this can be very depressing but the depression adds to the immobility which adds to the debility etc, down, down, down! All that has to be fought with upward action - POSITIVE THINKING and CONTROL the disease - don't let it control you! There is a lot of HOPE and it starts with the QUIT!


It's scary to think about quitting!


You know what's not scary?

Being quit! It's not scary at all! REALLY!


Beating the Odds!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 13, 2012


"What's wrong with the occasional cigarette as long as your lungs don't look like down town L.A.? After all, a cigarette once in a while can't be all bad - it may be a vice but it's a legal vice and it doesn't hurt anybody - at least not like alcohol or drugs! besides nobody's perfect! Look, I just smoke a pack a week! Yea, I know about Cancer and such, but surely that's people who smoked 2 or 3 packs for 40 or 50 years not me! Heck, I was over 30 when I started smoking and I've quit now and then just to give my body a break, so I'll be O.K. Everything in moderation ain't all that bad! "

That was me talking 4 years ago, completely confident that I had successfully dodged the silver bullet by carefully playing the odds! I would be the last person on Earth to get sick from smoking-related illness! But guess what? I was wrong! Boy, was I ever wrong! Holy Smokes!!! ( pun intended)

When I woke up that beautiful Spring morning with a fever of 102 there is absolutely no way I would have predicted the path that my life was about to take! That trip to the Emergency Room (it would have to be on a Sunday!) changed my life forever! I, Thomas, was diagnosed not just with a lung infection but with Emphysema!!! The guy who was so careful to beat the odds just lost the game of poker and there's no going back! Emphysema is chronic, permanent, and progressive! Most likely, although only Our Creator knows for sure, it will be my cause of Death! How does a young (relatively) healthy (usually) active fella like me get Emphysema, for crying out loud?

What I didn't know was way more than what I did know about Emphysema and COPD!!! Oh, I'd seen the pictures of the happy retired folks puttering around in their gardens or playing with their grandkids because they were smart enough to take Advair or Spiriva! That's about it! My Grandma who lived in another State died of Emphysema when she was in her nineties but we all have to die of something, don't we? Eventually! But heck, I was 52 and had never really been sick much at all my entire adult life! I worked 60 to 80 hours a week and never thought anything of it - hard physical labor, not a desk job!

Here are some facts that I have since learned about COPD: it is an auto-immune illness. it doesn't care if you are 20 or 80 years old! It doesn't care if you smoke 2 or 3 cigs a day or 2 or 3 packs! Just one cigarette will trigger your body's defense mechanism and there you have it! About half of the folks who have COPD don't even know it! Meanwhile the damage that they are doing to their lungs can NEVER be repaired! Your body creates all kinds of mucus in your lungs and bronchials that is a perfect breeding ground for any kind of bacteria or virus you cross paths with like pneumonia! Every time you get a lung infection a bit more irreparable damage will have been done and your condition deteriorates. Because your lungs don't work so well you can inhale fairly well, but you can't exhale so well at all. What people exhale is Carbon Dioxide - you know, poison! That CO2 stays in your system and makes your whole body in a constant state of being poisoned! Because your body wants Oxygen and not CO2 your heart overworks itself trying to get enough Oxygen to where it's needed. Eventually, the heart deforms itself from working overtime! Then you have Congestive Heart Failure! Don't forget, you're still getting those lung infections from time to time! The toxins make your limbs feel like wet spaghetti so that such things as getting dressed or washing dishes become monumental tasks! When you cross a room you huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf! And know you can't even blow out a candle - let alone blow down a house! This is my reality! Oh you remember that part about not hurting anybody but myself? What do you suppose my Family and Loved Ones are feeling knowing that I did this to myself?

Now, do you still want that occasional cigarette? You still think it won't happen to you? Do you know that people die of smoke related illnesses in their TEENS? Check out Brian's Story at! Do you know that one single cigarette can not only trigger COPD it can cause a life-altering Stroke? Do you know that one single cigarette can change your DNA permanently setting you up for Cancer? ONE CIGARETTE! Do you believe it? I am testimonial that in this business you can't beat the Odds - the Odds can beat YOU - down! Forever! Get Smart! Be honest, at least with yourself! Smoking KILLS! Every time you light a cig you are committing the little suicide! You are spitting on the Gift of LIFE that your Creator bestowed on you! Enough is enough! Stop playing the Odds! TODAY is the Right Day to becomeanEX  and to protect your Quit - Smoke FREE for LIFE!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 12, 2012
  Well, Yes...from the standpoint of this true saying:
   "I'm a puff away from a pack a day!" but that doesn't mean that I have to grapple with my lifetime addiction on a daily basis other than simply to affirm my decision to LIVE Smoke FREE! The vast majority of days, my feelings about smoking, even exposed to smoke,smokers, or cigarettes is   Thank God I'm no longer a prisoner of my Addiction! 
  I don't even grapple with that beginner's question: to smoke or not to smoke! I firmly know the answer to that question!
  Honestly, once in a blue moon, I have had the experience of a memory crossing my mind followed by the thought: "A cigarette would be nice right about now!" This is an Addictive Mind thought and so weak that I easily can counterthink: "What a ridiculous thought! No way would I even truly enjoy that sickerette! What I truly enjoy is my QUIT!" I then take a long purging deep breath and relish the fact that I can!
  At times I ask myself if I would decide to smoke if I had lung cancer and only days to live.... The answer to the best of my honest ability to put myself in those shoes is an emphatic NO! I CHOOSE TO DIE FREE! In all honesty, this is a very valid question for those of us with COPD/Emphysema because our chances of getting lung cancer are elevated:
  I believe that when a person anticipates quitting or begins their quit journey and then finds out that addiction is for LIFE they can become discouraged, imagining that the intensity of feelings is the same throughout when in fact, there are stages of one's quit journey, as emphasized here in the EX Community. 
  It certainly is different once the Nicotine is out of your system as well as when you realize and recognize the vast advantages of quitting! Once you get out of NML (No Man's Land @120 days quit) the temptations are more memory than physical cravings and more abrupt and surprising than before. That's why the way in which we deal with them has to be different both in knowing that they are possible and not a sign of failure on our part as SUCCESSFUL QUITTERS and with the way in which we let go of those memories and put ourselves firmly on the Quitter's Road for LIFE! I was ashamed to admit that I was tempted Months after having quit but   honesty is the BEST anti-addiction tool we have!
  Am I an Addict? Yes! Do I suffer from Addiction daily? NO! I'm a PROUD EXer for LIFE!

These are some of the Gifts that come to mind as I CELEBRATE my QUIT:

(1) I feel more SELF-CONFIDENT because I made a choice to change my self-destructive behavior and followed through.

(2) I feel more HONEST because I am not evading truthfulness about the consequences in order to support my Smoking Addiction.

(3) I feel more SELF-RESPECT because I made a decision to QUIT SMOKING and honored that decision.

(4) I feel more SECURE because I no longer have that constant battle "I want to smoke"vs"I don't want to smoke."

(5) I feel more OPTIMISTIC because I no longer attack stress with another cigarette, I attack it with a constructive plan of action.

(6) I feel more SPIRITUAL because when I called upon my higher power for assistance I felt his/her response.

(7) I feel more DECISIVE because I saw how I can set a goal and accomplish it one day at a time each and every day.

(8) I feel more SELF-AWARE because I sense days or situations of weakness and have a winning back up plan to protect my QUIT.

(9) I feel more INTEGRATED because when my body said "I need...." my mind and spirit responded affirmatively.

(10) I feel more JOY as I experience COLLATERAL KINDNESS and CELEBRATE each and every daily VICTORY over my Smoking Addiction with my BecomeanEx friends!  THANK YOU for CELEBRATING with me!!!!!!

Good Morning! Today I have much news to report but due to the amount of space that these reports take up on our webpage, I've chosen to change the format and simply give the web address rather than copy the article. I hope that this new format is more pleasing not only to those who benefit from reading them but those who choose not to read them and don't wish to be "snowed" with printed articles. Feedback is appreciated....












Smoking Cessation Lowers Risk of Brain Bleed


Smoking after stroke linked to earlier death


Smoking may lead to ovarian cancer


Former smokers warn residents to get tested for lung disease


He's an 82-yr-old anti-tobacco activist



First Hand Facts about Second Hand Smoke


Any smoking during pregnancy may increase baby's asthma risk


Second-Hand Smoke Linked to Flu Complications in Kids


Studies show pets don't like secondhand smoke 


Smoking increases platelet activation in healthy people


Secondhand Smoke May Affect Memory, Study Suggests



Third-Hand Smoke — It’s Subtle. It Lasts. It’s Tenacious.


Even Thirdhand Smoke Is Dangerous




Tobacco use still dangerously high among youth, adults


Tobacco Consumption Drops in Wake of Federal Tax Hike


Know your school’s tobacco policy


Cigarette smoke clouds building entrances despite 20-foot rule



Simon Cowell forced to quit smoking & go on detox diet after nervous breakdown


Vail Daily columnist Allen Smith: Smoke 'em if you got 'em


The Smoking Diaries: The cult of the nonsmokers




In real-world setting, anti-smoking aids help


Cessation program sports 88 percent success rate


Genetics Predict Smoking Addictions


Experts rebut smokeless tobacco as alternative to cigarettes




There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. - Nelson Mandela


As we look back to that epic day 11 years ago and all the vivid details jump out at us, we also remember how far we have come. I Thank God every day for the healing that we as individuals and as a Community - as a Country - have undergone. The suffering continues even today - for the survivors, for our Soldiers still fighting the good fight to make and keep us safe, for all of us who have been fundamentally altered by the actions of a handful of thugs. But the healing also continues! We came together after that tragic day in a pure simple way like never before in my lifetime! Patriotism again became a value to be proud of - to display with unity like never before or since! And each of us found our most inner strength - we leaned on our belief in God, in Good People, in Country, in HOPE!


Today, I am reminded that I also went through a parallel transformation when I made the decision to launch my quit journey! I had literally been threatened with death from my own manner of living, that "friend" that I believed brought me so much comfort. On March 14, 2010 the comfort was gone - forever! I was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema and there is no cure! The reality of the horrible irreversible damage lay before me! It was time to search for my greatest inner strength - time to draw on my God, my Community, myself and verify to all that LIFE IS PRECIOUS! My  Creator wants me to LIVE ABUNDANTLY - even now, especially now! 


But unlike that other searing tragic event of History, my personal confrontation with mortality was self-imposed! Now, I could use even that as an excuse to stay stuck and feel sorry for myself OR I could recognize - did recognize that since I got myself into this - I have the POWER and responsibility to halt the self-destructiveness and LIVE ABUNDANTLY with the Quality and Quantity of time left in me!


What would have happened in 2001 had we just rolled over and declared ourselves defeated? Would the destruction have stopped? I'd be surprised to find even one single person who would believe that to be the best option! Yet, the option we have chosen still has a lifetime - a generation - of ongoing suffering! The soldiers of today were in First Grade when those towers came down! The suffering continues......But so does the HOPE! So does the belief that we have done as much as we could to affirm our determination to survive - our belief in a LIFE of FREEDOM from FEAR! 


We all have within us Inner Strength that we never knew we had! You and I need to dig deep and know that we want to live - but not just live, but LIVE FREE - from addiction, from self-destruction, finding the best within us as God's Creatures! Quitting means the  bottom line is keeping those sickerettes away from our faces! But Quitting is so much more than that - it's deciding to Validate LIFE!  Keep 'em away from your face and LIVE!




Does the way we see ourselves effect how we speak or does how we speak effect the way we see ourselves? Yes and yes.  It's called psycho linguistics!  It is proving that when you change your mind, your brain becomes neurologically wired in a different way.  Like cussing - people who cuss see themselves differently than people who don't.  People who no longer cuss actually change how they think of themselves. That's just one example of how language changes our brains.  The need to  smoke exists only in the mind.  When we say craving or "i crave a cig" it brings back all kinds of brain connections both mental and physical.  To break the cycle we have to break the language pattern.  If i no longer say "crave"  the energy of that word is taken away.  So I had an inkling or a fuzzy moment or a drat but I don't say  that four (yea I know I can't count) letter word!  I don't say try ( another miscounted 4 letter word) or slip or luck.  They cease to be in my vocabulary and cease to have power!  

Now I put a substitution in place.  It's called an affirmation!  An affirmation is a thought that I choose to make a belief. N.O.P.E. is an affirmation. I choose health and life is an affirmation.  I don't do that anymore is an affirmation. Don't feed the monster is an affirmation.   When I read an affirmation I am engaging my eyes and brain.  When I hear an affirmation I am engaging my ears, my eyes and my brain.  When I read an affirmation out loud I am using many organs ( eyes, ears, throat, mouth etc) and my brain - a VERY effective way to rewire an unspoken thought!  Every day when I get up the first thing I do is read WITH MY VOICE the message next to my bed -- I, Thomas, pledge to myself to NOT ONE PUFF EVER NO MATTER WHAT beginning with today!  I credit this to having very few drats a day and of much less intensity than they might have been!  Today I don't remember even one drat moment!  I also see much more of the positive side of the QUIT than I might have because I BELIEVE I am having a positive quit (Why? Affirmations say that it's true!)   I absolutely know that this quit is for life because I KNOW that SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION! There is no -  but...If you don't think this helps just give it a try for one day - for 1 day I'll try Thomas' crazy idea!  I'm sure that you will find that it makes a difference!  It sure won't make things worse!  


Along these lines I have  a  Group which is based on Affirmations!  It's called Positive Affirmations for Success! If you have an Affirmation, Scripture Verse, Inspirational saying, please join my group and post your contributions. That way newbies have a single place where they can make their sticky notes and 3X5 cards that will begin the process of changing their Addictive Perspective!

I'm absolutely fascinated by the Blogs I've seen these last few days! I hear people talking about how they "can't"because it's just "too hard!"I can't help but remember my first days of my quit journey 905 days ago! I had just been diagnosed with a chronic progressive illness that's incurable. My life expectancy just went waaaaaay down with one little word. What's more I was convinced that my Quality of Life would really be looooow. In other words, don't expect much from life except pain, suffering, and early death. Talk about STRESS! Please Newbie, don't tell me about stress!!!! And do you know the worst part of it? The personal knowledge that I had done this to myself......with yes, smoking! So I was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema on March 14 and had my last puff March 19! That's all the preparation time I gave myself! Not weeks.....not Months....not NRTs.....not chantix.... just one tool you folks would be smart to use - KNOWLEDGE! So where did I acquire this knowledge so fast? Right here at BecomeanEX. I didn't join to fool around with slips and relapses. I didn't come here with an "I already know it all" ATTITUDE! I didn't come here with a line about how we are all different and nobody understands me!!!! I came here to be included in the 6% who SUCCEED in their first year of quitting!!! I came here to listen to those who had already achieved what I wanted! I didn't blame them for being too harsh! I listened! Because they had something that I not only wanted - but something I needed!I had a clear cut choice: QUIT or DIE!!! Simple! I humbly asked questions and accepted advice. I did my homework without hesitation! I made friends and exposed my ADDICTIVE SELF to these EXers with integrity and honesty! I let that smoke cloud of distorted thinking lift because FIRST and most important - I kept them away from my face!!!! So my issue was never to smoke or not to smoke!!! My issue was "What do I do instead?" 

Folks, do you really want to wait until you have a smoke related illness before you quit? Or worse, continue to smoke knowing that you are literally killing yourself????Are you even aware that HALF of all smokers will DIE of smoke related illness????? Or do you want to pay attention and follow the road map that has been put right in front of you and shows you each and every step to take if you really want to be in the 6%? No excuses! Keep them away from your face and listen!

If you don't love yourself and love life, you will have a much harder time finding it within yourself to care for your one and only body! You and I both know that when you smoke you are killing that body one puff at a time! Do you want to live or do you love your sickerettes more than LIFE itself?




100% Commitment

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 5, 2012

WELCOME New Members! You are seriously pondering HOW to make a lifetime Quit! You know that Nicotine is not really your Friend even as your Addictive Mind claims that you "can't live without it!" So in those early stages of investigation, you wonder if there is a way that you can break FREE from Addiction and live without your Sickerettes!


That's where I was 906 days ago! On that day I joined BecomeanEX because I knew that I had to Quit - not just for a while but for LIFE! Literally! I knew how to make it through those first few days - I had done that many times in the past! My problem wasn't quitting, per se! It was Staying Quit! 900 days ago today I took my last puff and I've never looked back!


Now, many of YOU may not know the part I already came in knowing - how to quit in the first place. Here's what worked for me: 

-I set a firm quit day, the first day of Spring, March 20, 2010.

-I DECIDED that on that day I would have no sickerettes, smoking-related paraphernalia, or car keys.

-I told all my Family, Friends and Co-Workers that I was quitting for LIFE and if I should be weak enough to ask them for a sickerette, they were to emphatically answer, "NO!"

-I cut back my caffeine intake by half but did not try to quit caffeine at the same time!

-I chose to eat 6 meals a day instead of 2 or 3 and to drink lots of Cranberry Juice throughout the day so that my blood sugar levels wouldn't sabotage me and the physical withdrawal would be lessened.

-I drank LOTS of water all day long so that I could purge the toxins out of my body more quickly and efficiently.

-I stayed busy throughout the first few days doing activities that took a lot of energy but very little thought

-I was determined to not listen to the near buzzing in my head that screamed for a sickerette.

-I recognized that at least for 3 days, I would feel like I had the flu with body aches,coughing, just an overall blah feeling!

-I reminded myself that FREEDOM is the Goal and that it was light at the end of the tunnel!


Within one week, I had completely FREED myself from the Physical Addiction and since I went Cold Turkey, a good part of the Mental Addiction! But the real battle was just beginning! Thank Goodness for BecomeanEX! Without their support, this would have probably been the place where I would have given in! My mind was playing every trick in the book to talk me into "just one last sickerette..." But I learned from the elders that I need to Pledge Daily:


I, Thomas, pledge just for TODAY that I will not smoke even so much as one little puff under any circumstances, for any "reason!" I will RESPECT myself enough to HONOR this DECISION 



If you think this pledge would be helpful to you, you'll want to join my friend Jim Taddeo's Group:


I learned that you can quit miserable, full of resentment, sacrificing your "enjoyment" (as I always had in the past) OR You can become a Happy Quitter as my Friend James taught me! Go to James' page and read his Blogs about Happy Quitter:


As my friend Peggy(Ckoalaco)  says: "Smoke FREE is the Way TO BE!


I learned from Tommy that protecting your Quit takes to very important attitudes:




My friend, Aztec, uplifted me daily with her inspirational discussions and affirmations and helped me realize that Addiction Recovery means Wholeness Recovery including Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental! Thank You, Aztec - you are a True Friend!


Aztec inspired me to begin my own Group which has been very beneficial to me and hopefully to the 106 Members who have so far joined! Please visit this Group and if you find it useful, join us!


My Friend Dale taught me how to laugh at my smoking thoughts, reclaiming my POWER over my own destiny! "Keep 'em away from your face!" is his bottom line! His constant presence here has reassured all of us that we will always have support day or night defending our right to pursue an Abundant Smoke FREE LIFE and chuckle in the process!!!


Many others, too numerous to name have also lent their own personal brand of support and made this milestone possible! YOU all know who YOU are so take a bow for helping another poor Nicotine Addict find FREEDOM because you EXtended your hand in Friendship! After me, have come many, many people who have helped me learn to live the Smoke FREE LIFE abundantly! And by helping others to help themselves I'd like to think that I've helped some of you to find that FREEDOM MOUNTAIN! 


I don't visit as much as I'd like to since I work graveyards 65 hours a week with Stage II Emphysema but I always answer my private messages, so if I can be of service in sharing my Quit Journey with you or if you need help with a diagnosis of COPD/Emphysema please visit my page and click SEND MESSAGE and you'll know that I will get back to you ASAP! We're all in this together and the #1 purpose of this website is to SAVE LIVES by Becoming EX for LIFE! The life you save is your own! 


TODAY is the Most Important Day of my Recovery! 

If you have COPD/Emphysema, you may think you have a death sentence but nothing could be further from the truth! You and I have much to look forward to - beginning with a change in lifestyle! The single most efficient and effective method of treating Emphysema doesn't even cost any money! You MUST quit smoking ASAP! Our goal is not only to make our Quality of LIFE these days better (although that alone would be reason to quit smoking) it is to buy us more time so that research which daily gains ground in this #3 killer in the USA. Take for EXample this aticle:

This is only one of many leaps and bounds that are happening as COPD Awareness increases! Make the decision: get healthy and stay healthy and give R&D a chance to bring you to a full productive LIFE! Hope is eternal - but also, God helps those who help themselves! 

TODAY is a Great Day to LIVE Smoke FREE!

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