Community Support

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 13, 2012

Last night when thinking of Tommy in Prayer, I was reminded of the unselfish way that he reaches out to Newbies and lifts them up in supportive  "Collateral Kindness." While he's recovering, there is a way in which we can EXpress OUR Collateral Kindness to him! Tommy and a few others spend time in the FORUMS where the newbies are directed into oblivion unless we take the time to purposely search for and bring them back! They need a personal touch - they need YOU AND ME coming to them in welcome and an outreaching hand not just once but for an EXtended period of time until they are comfortably situated in the BLOGS or for those who decide not to BLOG (yes, there are many!) have their group of supportive friends who will regularly check in and offer support and accountability. 

If you have been on your quit journey either a short time or a long time, you can do this and it only takes time and caring which is what this site is all about! If you're like me, sometimes we can get into a habit if just going directly to the BLOGS since that is the nest of our Quit Community. But let's not forget those who flounder in the FORUMS! Go to the FORUMS and select a newbie who you personally connect with. Introduce yourself and tell them, "I'm here for Tommy! He helped me and now, I'm here to help you because at the moment he can't!" By helping others - we help ourselves! We have to clarify our own Quititude because we are passing it on! I, for one, will never forget Tommy's message of FOCUS and DETERMINATION which helped launch me almost 2 and 1/2 years ago to get my sea legs and become confident in my NEW NORMAL! We build on what we've learned and it all comes down to teaching our Creator given minds healthy motivating thoughts that replace our sickerette Addictive Thoughts and win the VICTORY of FREEDOM! Let us never forget that Tommy brought us the FREEDOM TRAIN which daily brings more addicts out of their addictiveness and into the sunshine of Addictive FREE Abundant Living!