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A Certain Wise Owl

A certain wise owl sat in an oak,

The more she heard, the less she spoke;

The less she spoke, the more she heard;

Why aren't we all like that certain wise bird?


Thank You, folks, for your support! I'm in a rough patch here and yes, I let something very small get the best of me. Then I read Bonnie's Blog about her Dear Friend, Lynne and ExSmoker 101's Blog about her Sister-in-Law. They reminded me of something very important that I had lost FOCUS on - LIFE is Precious!!!! Stonecipher put it best - LIFE isn't really about how long I might live, it's about how I DECIDE to live TODAY! I chose to find a renewed perspective!


Yesterday was OwlFeather's Elder Appreciation Day and better late than never, I wish to Thank Her and YOU for your kind words and show of unity! I have many folks to whom I am grateful, some of whom are no longer with us - Ray, the Man of Steel and Beloved Dawn! Some are here less often and/or less visibly - hwc, Williewookie,Eddieg, Kathy S., Choptrice, Pattymint, Anacondahead, Jay, Molzep, Daisy, Tina, Brodertr, Deb, Live4theDash and of course, my QUIT BUDDY DORIS(AuntDee!) Some have fallen by the wayside - Patrick Marsh and Brenda =~( and then there are those who still devote time here very often - James The Happy Quitter, Peggy, Moe, Aztec, Giulia, Sheryl, Carenda, Yaya, Break,Connie, Dale, Tommy, JoAnne, Sootie and those of the newer generation who run the FREEDOM TRAIN - Marcie, Linda, Karen, , Cyn, Maggie, Jonilou or are the new daily backbone - IrishRose, INDIN GRL Diane Joy, Thee New Me JO, ZinaMarie, Nautical Nut Joy, Grammi, Star, Nancy, Heidi, JoJo, Alice, Chuck, George, Julia Amy, Lisa, Kathryn, KatherineFrederick, Patty, MikeCity,oh so many.....


For those who are just getting started - think about this: If sickerettes are your Best Friend then people aren't, are they???? Life is so much BETTER in every way when you LIVE Smoke FREE! 


ThankYou, Sister Owl! ^ - ^