Another Killer Season Underway as Heroes Step up to Spit

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New labor deal still allows use of smokeless tobacco by players during televised games. Players have agreed not to carry product in their back pockets when fans are in the ballpark, or use tobacco during game interviews or team functions. However, many believe ban on chewing tobacco and dip during games is needed to protect impressionable kids watching on TV.



Baseball season is in full swing, and America is once again filling the stands (over 73 million in 2011) to enjoy one of the nation’s favorite pastimes - Major Leage Baseball. Millions of our youth will watch in awe as their favorite pitcher steps up to the mound. He’ll nod at the catcher and bear down on the batter with a stare intended to shake him to his core. The hero turns his head slightly to the left and sends a thin stream of brown liquid over his shoulder as he unleashes a lightning bolt 95 mile an hour fast ball that explodes into the catchers mit before his spit even hits the ground. The stands erupt with applause. . . and thousands of kids will leave this stadium with a new resolve to be . . . just. . . like. . . him. For the next few months this drama will play out in stadiums across the country.

Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, one of the groups that led the anti-tobacco push, said that while he would have preferred a ban at games and on camera, the restrictions represent real progress.

"The new Major League Baseball contract takes an historic first step toward getting smokeless tobacco out of the ballgame, and makes significant progress toward protecting the health of big-league players and millions of young fans who look up to them," he said in a statement.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.1% of all high school students, and 2.6% of all middle school students use chewing tobacco, also called smokeless tobacco, dip, chew, or spit tobacco. Smokeless tobacco has the same initial appeal as underage drinking and smoking, . . .a desire to be cool and to emulate people they admire. Unlike alcohol and cigarettes, its easier to start and hide because most brands are sweet and have a mint or wintergreen flavor that is hard to differentiate from gum or breath mints. Those looking for resources to help them quit can visit


Smokeless tobacco products have been strongly correlated to the development of oral cancer. According to the centers for disease control, there are 28 suspected carcinogens in smokeless tobacco, but until recently no single compound has been conclusively proven to cause cancer. According to Silvia Balbo, a cancer researcher at the University of Minnesota the chemical, called (S)-N'-nitrosonornicotine, or (S)-NNN, "is the only chemical in smokeless tobacco proven to cause oral cancer,”.

Oral cancers are among the deadliest, killing one in five within five years of diagnosis. Oral cancers have a high mortality rate is because they are often discovered too late to render effective treatment. Many oral cancers closely resemble other routine and non-life-threatening conditions such as apthous ulcers, herpes simplex, herpes labialis, the wound left by accidentally biting the inside of your cheek, or sore spots from a poorly fitting prosthetic appliance or denture. For more information, visit

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*spitability - The wherewithal to expel a reasonable amount of brownish liquid from between the lips with sufficient force to roll small bugs, stir up dust, and send dogs and cats running for cover.