Good Morning, EX Community!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 7, 2012

Looks like I missed another Big Weekend! A Special Shout Out to Aztec for her 3 Year Anniversary and Nancy's Birthday! WHOOHOO!!! I hope you both had a Very Special Celebration!!!! I have been busy adjusting my lifestyle due to COPD! I met with a pulmonologist (more later) who put me to work! I came on this morning thinking there wouldn't be much news about smoking (surely I've already published everything there is to be said on the subject, right? BOY WAS I WRONG! So here's my Know Your Enemy Series - hope all acquire knowledge and confidence from it! Enjoy a terrfic Smoke FREE Day! Today I have 780 Smoke FREE Days - that's 2 Years 1Month 2 Weeks 2 Days 22 Hours 5 Minutes. I've saved $1752.64 and 7789 Sickerettes not smoked!!!! Only the Lord knows how much Quality and Quantity of LIFE I have regained by making a simple but challenging DECISION to pursue and NEVER GIVE UP my Life time Quit Journey!!!