Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 10, 2011

Do you remember 9/21/2001? I do! Stores were sold out of American Flags! Flags were at every Door step. in every window. hanging from every car! Nobody asked are you Conservative or Liberal - WE ARE AMERICANS!!! And we were attacked on our Homeland! We all became more vigilant - we all cared about our fellow citizen! Let's get that spirit back this Weekend! Remember that be it New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, or Emporia, Kansas - we all live in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! 


I want to remind everybody to pray not just for the surviving family members of the dead, and for the survivors who somehow escaped those buildings but also for the First Responders who courageously ran into those buildings and many of whom now have Lung Disease!


Overall, the proportion of firefighters with below-normal lung function went from 3 percent before the attacks to 18 percent after. Eight years later that number stabilized at 13 percent.


These folks are dying from the consequences of that fatal day! And First Responders are not even invited to the ceremonies tomorrow! But I willl remember each of them in my prayers and I ask my fellow EXers to do the same!