Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 1, 2011
I added Smoking to Google News and every darn time I open it up there's more and more evidence of the damage that smoking does to the smoker, everybody around him/her, their pets, your home, your car, the environment..... it just goes on and on!!!! Just today, for example: Smoking May Raise Disease Risk by Increasing Hormones Study Shows Link Between Smoking and Increase in Male and Female Hormones in Women Smoking, oxygen prove fatal combo Smoking Harder on Women's Arteries Than Men's, Scans Show Smoking implicated in half of female bladder cancers Moms' smoking tied to psychiatric meds: study Snus 'worse than smoking' for infant apnea Colin Farrell wrote break-up letter to cigarettes It just goes on and on! Everything from SIDS to asthma to birds eating cig filters - there's no limit it seems! Reading about 2nd hand and 3rd hand smoke is enough to give me the chills - because I know I'm guilty!!!! I'm guilty of ignorance - not for myself - but of my loved ones! So my new slogan is KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Be it e-cigs, water pipes, Snu, nicotine candy, the enemy is vast and makes me a preacher. I know! But if you doubt the vastness of the issue, sign up for smoking in google news for awhile and find out for yourself! One thing I KNOW for sure! If this were my last day on the planet - nothing and nobody could make me smoke NO MATTER WHAT! N.O.P.E.!