10 Little known signs of Lung Cancer:

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 1, 2011
Little-known signs of lung cancer 1. Persistent cough or hoarseness 2. Deep chest pain when you cough or laugh 3. Shortness of breath or wheezing 4. Reddened, rust-colored, or bloody phlegm 5. Getting recurrent infections, like pneumonia or bronchitis 6. Thickened, painful fingertips (caused by abnormal bone growth) 7. Weight loss or lack of appetite 8. Abnormal breast growth in men 9. Mood swings, depression, or lethargy in someone who hasn’t been depressed before 10. Sudden onset of irritability, aggression, and temper; could be characterized as “everything gets to him.” Many of these symptoms sound vague, or could indicate a number of other conditions or other cancers. But trust your gut; if you or someone you love is feeling or behaving in a way that’s out of character, see the doctor about it. In the case of lung cancer, this is particularly important for anyone with a history of smoking. Read more: