Thank You, My Dear Friends!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 25, 2011

I so much appreciate your Wonderful support yesterday and although I wasn't able to be with you most of the day I have been uplifted by your support and much needed prayers! I'm so Happy to be Celebrating 400+ Smoke FREE Days and had been especially looking forward to this milestone falling on the Greatest day of the Christian Calender! I hope everybody had a Blessed Easter! Mine was indeed blessed although I spent most of it very ill with an Emphysema exacerbation! I woke up Saturday morning after a 2 hour nap completely breathless and choking! I was running a fever of 102 and completely crushed but overly optimistic that I'd feel better after some meds and some sleep! Unfortunately,  I couldn't keep the meds in my stomach! Well, it wasn't meant to be and I finally had to go to urgent care (these things never seem to happen during doctor's hours!) Four hours later, most of which was meaningless waiting, I came out having had a special breathing treatment with nebulizers and oxygen. At home remedies and bed rest have gotten my numbers back but left me feeling like wet spaghetti! Those of you who know recognize this as fairly mild in terms of what I have to look forward to as this illness gets worse! In spite of all, I Thank the Lord that I am FREE from addiction! No matter what, the single most efficient and effective treament for COPD and emphysema is - YES, smoking cessation! So every single breath I take reminds me of exactly why I will protect my quit! Please do me a favor, folks, today as you breathe, remember to give Thanks to your Creator! You can Breathe - you have the Gift of Life! Live LIFE abundantly, Protect Your Quit, and know that Love reigns over all!