Easter and Passover Meditation!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 22, 2011

Just as the theme of Passover is FREEDOM from captivity and the theme of Easter is the Resurrection - the beginning of a NEW LIFE in Christ, we Exers have so much to Celebrate because we have freed ourselves from the captivity of ADDICTION and are beginning our NEW ADDICTION FREE LIFE! It never ceases to amaze me that Our Creator has given us the Beautiful Gift of FREE WILL! What a wise decision that is! We can choose to live up to our potential by just saying YES! I value LIFE and want to make the most of the one I've been given! I CHOOSE to live ADDICTION FREE! It isn't easy but most things of precious value rarely are! But it is Doable and I have been given through FREE WILL the POWER to DECIDE! I CAN live smoke FREE! And this Easter Sunday I will have chosen another Smoke FREE Day for the 400th time in a row! I respected my LIFE enough to stop the destructive behavior that robbed me of my Health but couldn't rob me of my FREE WILL and my Spirit! That was given to me by a POWER Greater than all things! It was my DECISION that was missing before! Now I will make the DECISION I KNOW to be the Very BEST for my Health and Happiness- I will choose  to maintain my quit and pledge N.O.P.E. each and every day W.I.T. and to Never Ever Forget! Will YOU Pledge along with me? 

I, Thomas, pledge by the power of my free will to not take even one puff TODAY under any circumstances. Whatever it takes, I will Protect my Quit, my Breath, MY LIFE!

Together we CAN do this! Have a Great Easter Weekend! N.O.P.E.!