MRSA, CRKP and Superbugs!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 4, 2011

After Marcie's recent trauma with her husband this article came across my desk and I felt it is important to share with the Community!! You should know that you can get MRSA in any public setting you are in especially if you have any open sores! A good example is Grocery Carts!So WASH YOUR HANDS!

"A new bacteria has emerged in CA and has already been back east.  It is
called CRKP.  You can google it for more info, but just some general info:
it is being spread mostly in hospitals and rest homes and among the elderly
and those on ventilators.  It is drug resistant.  It has pneumonia in the
name, but causes many other infections.  This is a reminder to be very
cautious and conscientious about hand-washing when in hospital settings.
Don't overuse antibiotics and when you do use them, finish the Rx."