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I'm not spamming JonesCarp! But I am recruiting folks who have Emphysema! I hope you all don't mind too much but we need to let others know we're here!

If you suffer from Emphysema then I just want to tell you about a new support group that was launched at! I'm very excited about this group because we will provide ideas, info, advice and mostly support for those who have Emphysema or their family members! Aunt Dee is also helping  launch this group and anybody who is interested - I hope you will check it out!!! It's OUR GROUP so we can develop it any way we want to! I for one hope to bring the same positive attitude and reinforcement there as I've experienced here at BecomeanEx!!! Don't worry BecomeanEx family - I'm not going away! This is just too topic specific for our great site here!!! I hope to see you folks with Emphysema there soon!

Beers when KU lost to VCU but I didn't smoke! I can't believe what I saw! March Madness!


Why I'm an Exer

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 25, 2011

Are you an exer or a non-smoker? Everywhere I go I proudly say that I am an exer! Yes, the non-smokers were smart to not have fallen into the trap of addiction but exers were courageous enough to pull themselves out and stay out! Also, by proclaiming myself an Exer, I leave the door open for that smoker to ask me how I did it! Then I can share info that might just help them quit too! So YES I am an exer!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 21, 2011

CONCORD, N.H. -- As some states look to tobacco tax increases to plug budget holes, a few are bucking the national trend and saying, "If you smoke 'em, we got 'em," looking at dropping the rate to boost cigarette sales.

In New Hampshire, supporters argue that reducing the tax by a dime would help the state compete with Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts, while opponents say it would still lose millions of dollars even if higher sales resulted.

If you live in New England please find out what your legislaters are doing and let your voice be heard! How many of you quit partially because of the cost? We all pay taxes for health related illness!


Moving Forward!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 21, 2011

We've discussed a variety of reasons we might have become involved with and thus addicted to cigarettes which is all very interesting and has no right or wrong answers since each of us is different and our individual reasons are complex. But hanging out in the past is not the most relevant issue for us today! Like it or not, for whatever reasons we are addicts. Yes, it makes sense that like all circumstances that are classified there is a whole range of experiences of the power of addiction! Why should addiction be the exception?

But what counts today is what I will do today! My priority and yours should always be to Protect MY Quit! And yes, I still have to watch out and because I'm an addict I will always have to remain vigilant! I think we all agree on this!

Another issue that has been heatedly discussed is how to best support others in their quit! I'm a teacher and part of our training is behavior modification. That's just a lot of big words to suggest how best to support our students in prizing their learning! I have compared these skills with what we do here to find out if there is anything to offer, Here's what I found:

In order to replace any kind of addiction, the addict must find another, more positive activity! Sounds familiar!

Emotional issues are learned just as behaviors are learned and can be replaced with positive affirmations. The addict eventually substitutes faulty beliefs that support their addictive behavior. Again, Right on! I believe live.laugh,love listed them yesterday.

An addict must take 3 steps;

(1) Test addictive beliefs to see if they are valid.

(2) Introduce new beliefs that will help you change old patterns of addiction.

(3) Practice your new behavior

The following b mod strategies are recommended;

(1) Positive Reinforcement

(2) Manage Environmental Influences

(3) Goal Setting

and Yes:

(4) Negative Reinforcement

Now, remember that these are Strategies! Some combinations of these strategies work for some addicts and others work for others! Also, proportions of each are based on individual differences!

Conclusion: I see this site using all of these strategies in their support of our members. Surely, the mix of strategies offered is dependent on the personal experience of the person in the supporting role and that's O.K.! The main thing is we are not overlooking any of these strategies - they're all there for the person needing support! So take what works for you and leave the rest - just be aware, the other fella might need a different combination and that's perfectly natural! So I see no reason to criticise either those in the supporting role or those looking for support! Let's all remember that we all have one goal: Quit Smoking to Save Lives - especially mine! 

May we all be more accepting of our neighbor and address each other with respect and brotherly LOVE! Have a Fantastic Smoke FREE Day! There's nothing quite so Wonderful as living ADDICTION FREE!


Weekend Plans!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 18, 2011

I hope you all enjoy a Great Weekend! I KNOW I will! I'm spending the weekend with both my Sons and my Beautiful Wife Celebrating my Son's 30th Birthday (Mar 16) St. Patrick's Day (Mar 17) First Day of Spring and my One Year Anniversary Smoke FREE (Mar 20)!!!!! So you can see that for our Family this week comes in right after Christmas and Easter!!! I am so Proud of my Family and they are very Proud of their Dad! When you quit smoking you give your entire Family the Best Gift ever - your Presence!!!! What could be better than that?

The percentage of pack-a-day smokers dropped markedly over the last 40
years, especially in California, a national survey showed.

The percentage of U.S. adults who smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day fell
from 23.2% in 1965 to 7.2% in 2007, reported John Pierce, PhD, of the
University of California San Diego, and colleagues in the March 16 issue of
the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The decline was even more dramatic in California, where the numbers went
from 22.9% to just 2.6%.

Pierce and his colleagues looked at data from National Health Interview
Surveys conducted between 1965 and 1994 and the Current Population Survey
Tobacco Supplements 1992-2007, totaling 139,176 respondents from California
and 1,662,353 for the U.S. overall.

They found in 1965, 56% of all smokers in the U.S. were high-intensity
smokers (?20 cigarettes a day, equal to a pack of cigarettes). By 2007, that
percentage had fallen to 40% of all smokers.
These declines, however, weren't accompanied by an increase in the
prevalence of less-intense smoking.
The researchers defined moderate-intensity smoking as puffing 10 to 19
cigarettes a day and low-intensity smoking as having zero to nine cigarettes
a day.
At the same time, they noted, fewer young people appeared to be taking up
the habit over the years.
Among people born between 1920 and 1929, 40.5% were
moderate-to-high-intensity smokers (?10 cigarettes a day) in 1965, but that
percentage fell across successive birth cohorts.
For instance, among those born between 1970 and 1979, only 18.3% in the U.S.
overall reported being moderate-to-high-intensity smokers, as did just 9.7%
in California.
"Lots of people have been quitting on their own and that's been consistent
over time, but the real thing we know is that the decline in smoking has
come from young people not starting,"

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