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[January 17, 2011]  


: Health Official: Electronic Cigarettes Not Proven To Be Safe


Jan 17, 2011 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- The recent emergence of the electronic or e-cigarette on the market has caused local health officials to issue a warning to prospective users of this new product.

The Health Ministry has advised that the e-cigarette had not been tested to determine its long-term effects, and is therefore not recommending it as a replacement or additional smoking device, nor as a tool to stop smoking.

Recently, acting Senior Medical Officer of Health (Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases), Dr. Leslie Rollock, pointed out that the e-cigarette, on which a smoker puffs to release a vapour of stored liquid nicotine and other substances, like propylene glycol, had not been sufficiently tested to determine its effects.