Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 10, 2011

IT's been quoted by more than one person on this site that Dr. Hurt says it's O.K. to slip! Well, I KNOW from having seen people come and go here for nearly 10 months now that those who give themselves permission to slip have just reduced their chances of SUCCESS to almost nothing! 

We have a saying here that I have followed since I first joined because it makes perfect sense to me: Not One Puff Ever! N.O.P.E. Well, Ever is a pretty over whelming term for an addict, right? So if the NOPE- ers stopped right there I'd probably say forget it! You're dreaming! But there is a foreword: JUST FOR TODAY! Just for today I pledge N,O,P,E. and I RESPECT myself enough to HONOR that DECISION for 24 hours! Now, THAT is doable and happens to fit in with a philosophy for living of mine:Plan as if you'll live to be 100 and Live as if this is your last day! 

Live4theDash has added something to the equation which I also find VERY useful: N,E,F, Never Ever Forget! I use this term to remind me how much I hated smoking and how hard I worked to get here! It has helped me through many many rough spots! Yes, I've had my share of temptations! So I Thank him for this wise piece of advice!

Now, I'm not an expert on addiction but I know that I wouldn't tell an alcoholic that it's O.K. to drink once in a while or a heroin junkie that it's O.K. to shoot up now and then, so it just makes sense that it's NOT O.K. to slip EVER! And if somebody slips, they better be taking a good long hard look at their program, find the flaw and BEGIN AGAIN from square one! I'm not saying this out of criticism - I'm saying it out of true concern - because we all know that smoking is KILLING US! 

Well, if you're in that place where you know you''re in big trouble, which bit of advise do you want to hear? "It's O,K. to slip!" or "N.O.P.E. and N.E.F.!"???????

You decide!