Tommy and Collateral Kindness

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 7, 2011

As Tommy testifies repeatedly Collateral Kindness was the lifesaver that was thrown to him when he was literally drowning in his own fight - not to quit!!!! And it saved him! It saved me also when I was devastated to learn and understand that I have COPD and quitting is absolutely essential if you want to stop the progression of the disease! How many other LIVES have been saved by it? We'll never know but many, many for sure!  You see folks like Peggy and JonesCarp and Aztec extending it every single day. here!  Then came another layer of helpers like James, Kathy S, Dawn and Sootie, many of them!!! And then more folks like Moe, Bonnie, Yaya, Strudel, and recently Laurie! Today we see HealthyJayJo stepping up! More people joining in to help the next guy!

So why do they do it? Why do they take the time and energy to type their fingers away helping those who want to quit and convincing them that they can succeed! Well, saving lives is a heroic action, certainly! But that's just one side of the coin! Extending a hand to your fellow quitter makes your quit journey STRONGER! It demands that you clarify for yourself all of your reasons for quitting, to really THINK about what got you through this rough spot or that one, to appreciate daily the incredible journey that we have embarked on! You don't have to be a long termer to get these benefits - even if you just quit today you can get started helping others to help themselves AND helping yourself in the process! Share WHAT WORKS! Cheer the next guy or gal on! Become ENTHUSIASTIC about this journey that you've decided to take!!!! What a great way to crowd your mind so those addictive thoughts have no room! Best Wishes to ALL! You CAN do this! Will you be the next Tommy?