A Challenge for Newbies!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 27, 2010

Got some time today because you're snowed in or just bored? Here' sa challenge you can do for yourself: 

Go to the Forums and read all the Intros: Count how many times you read about try, the cig my friend, stress, cravings, slipping, relapse, etc....

Now, pick some of the successful quitters from the Blogs and read about renewal, new life, freedom, happiness, peace, health, etc...

Now ask yourself who you want to be like! 

I didn't start out thinking that way, I started out TALKING that way! The belief came later! I think AA calls it "fake it till you make it!" - whatever it is called - it works! Change your LANGUAGE and you can change your PERSPECTIVE and then Your LIFE!!!!

There is nothing special about successful quitters - they just talk differently until they think differently! You CAN, Too!