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Got some time today because you're snowed in or just bored? Here' sa challenge you can do for yourself: 

Go to the Forums and read all the Intros: Count how many times you read about try, the cig my friend, stress, cravings, slipping, relapse, etc....

Now, pick some of the successful quitters from the Blogs and read about renewal, new life, freedom, happiness, peace, health, etc...

Now ask yourself who you want to be like! 

I didn't start out thinking that way, I started out TALKING that way! The belief came later! I think AA calls it "fake it till you make it!" - whatever it is called - it works! Change your LANGUAGE and you can change your PERSPECTIVE and then Your LIFE!!!!

There is nothing special about successful quitters - they just talk differently until they think differently! You CAN, Too!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Dec 25, 2010

Grow Green Along With Me

Grow green along with me
Like the needles in the tree
Grow green along with me
The best is yet to be.

Grow bright against the night
Like the star- and candlelight
Grow bright against the night
As the rest goes on despite.

Grow love like farmers do
Plant His seeds and sow them too
Grow love like farmers do
In all the world and inside you.

It is Christmas time
Lovely, bright, and green
Grow all these things along with me
The best had not yet been.
Kyle Mitchel


Pray for our Troops!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Dec 24, 2010

As we spend time together with family and friends this Holiday Season, PLEASE take a couple of minutes to think of our troops who, protecting our FREEDOM, cannot be with their families this Year! May the Good Lord Protect them from danger and Bless them and their Families for the sacrifices they make for ALL OF US!


These are some of the Gifts that come to mind as I CELEBRATE my QUIT:

(1) I feel more SELF-CONFIDENT because I made a choice to change my self-destructive behavior and followed through.

(2) I feel more HONEST because I am not evading truthfulness about the consequences in order to support my Smoking Addiction.

(3) I feel more SELF-RESPECT because I made a decision to QUIT SMOKING and honored that decision.

(4) I feel more SECURE because I no longer have that constant battle "I want to smoke"vs"I don't want to smoke."

(5) I feel more OPTIMISTIC because I no longer attack stress with another cigarette, I attack it with a constructive plan of action.

(6) I feel more SPIRITUAL because when I called upon my higher power for assistance I felt his/her response.

(7) I feel more DECISIVE because I saw how I can set a goal and accomplish it one day at a time each and every day.

(8) I feel more SELF-AWARE because I sense days or situations of weakness and have a winning back up plan to protect my QUIT.

(9) I feel more INTEGRATED because when my body said "I need...." my mind and spirit responded affirmatively.

(10) I feel more JOY as I experience COLLATERAL KINDNESS and CELEBRATE each and every daily VICTORY over my Smoking Addiction with my BecomeanEx friends!  THANK YOU for CELEBRATING with me!!!!!!


9 Months Smoke FREE!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Dec 20, 2010

How did I get here? ATTITUDE! I came here and listened to the self talk that Successful Exers use! Then I decided to use that language even if I didn't believe it and of course, to keep a lit cig away from my face! Yes, it was challenging at times and I had to really Focus and use my Determination - I had to pledge N.O.P.E. each and every day! Within a few weeks I started to actually BELIEVE what I was saying in this new POSITIVE Language! That's when my life began to REALLY CHANGE! I KNEW that I would be SUCCESSFUL, too! Not just in Quitting but in ABUNDANT LIVING! You CAN, too!

Today for the 275th day in a row I PLEDGE Not One Puff Ever! Just for today I will RESPECT myself enough to HONOR that DECISION! Tomorrow, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! I KNOW what I'll choose - what about YOU?

I know, I know - if you're in your first month then 100 seems like an eternity!!! But once you are on a role then the time just ZOOMS past! REALLY! Especially when you Embrace Your Quit and DECIDE to be a HAPPY QUITTER! Live LIFE Abundantly!!!! Live Addiction FREE!

There are so many great new members who have finally made the CHOICE to stop smoking! :-} WELCOME! I hope you all take the time to put a bit of profile info on your page so we can get to know you and thus be better able to help you! Please everybody remember that when you type a message on your own message board, you're message will probably get lost because nobody can see you! You can message other members by clicking on their name or avatar! There are also a variety of groups that you can join for more specific needs, for instance I am a member of Living with COPD. You can join as many groups as you like! Please use the BLOGS as much as you feel like it - nobody here gets bored with the subject!!!!! Also, there's virtually always somebody around 24/7 and calls for help get very fast responses - so if you have the urge to slip or cheat - PLEASE BLOG about it First!!!! At least give yourself the chance to be talked out of it! Stay Positive not tentative and READ, READ, READ!!!

My name is Thomas and I have 256 Smoke FREE Days ( that's more than 8 months, folks!) If I can do this You can too! I have not smoked 2563 cigs and guess what? I REALLY DON'T MISS IT ONE BIT! 

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