Wishing All Health and Happiness!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 24, 2010

Even as many of us are feeling the discomfort of withdrawal and others of us must deal with Smoke Related Illness, while others suffer from the loss of their loved ones let us always remember to be Grateful for that bit of Health that we do have, for the oh too short time we have spent with our precious family members and friends! May I in my GRATITUDE stay strong with my quit and always seek to Protect that Precious gift that is LIFE! Let's make Every Day count because once spent, it cannot be restored!  I'm asking myself - Did I spend today in a way that made me feel good that I reached out to others and contributed to their well being? I wish to answer that question with a resounding Yes - today, tomorrow and every day! May every day bring Thanksgiving into your life!