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"The only safe way out of the risk caused by smoking is to quit."

Today is a GREAT DAY to Quit!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 29, 2010

Is smoking other substances a good substitute to quitting smoking cigarettes? I have my opinion and some facts but would like input from all!

A big topic in the news today from a study by the World Health Organization! 47% of those deaths are non-smoking women, 28% children and 26% men. Broken down in categories:

379,000 deaths by heart disease

165,000 lower respiratory diseases

36,000 asthma

21,460 lung cancer

This means that 1% of all deaths world-wide are second-hand smoke related!

If you smoke, Please Quit! It CAN be done! If you are an Ex - Please, Protect your Quit! Do it for yourself and you will help your loved ones!

Even as many of us are feeling the discomfort of withdrawal and others of us must deal with Smoke Related Illness, while others suffer from the loss of their loved ones let us always remember to be Grateful for that bit of Health that we do have, for the oh too short time we have spent with our precious family members and friends! May I in my GRATITUDE stay strong with my quit and always seek to Protect that Precious gift that is LIFE! Let's make Every Day count because once spent, it cannot be restored!  I'm asking myself - Did I spend today in a way that made me feel good that I reached out to others and contributed to their well being? I wish to answer that question with a resounding Yes - today, tomorrow and every day! May every day bring Thanksgiving into your life!


The Power of CHOICE

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 19, 2010

We didn't get addicted with the first cigarette that we smoked so which one was it? The 100th, the 237th? Who knows - at some point we crossed the line and forfeited our right to choose to smoke or not to smoke - it became an addict's necessity.

That's why the quit has everything to do with reclaiming my choice. Did I choose to smoke that last cigarette or was I compelled to feed my addiction? Obviously, I had NO CHOICE AT ALL! I DID make a choice on March 20th that I would not smoke that day NO MATTER WHAT! On march 21st I made an equally binding choice. Today, the 245th day of my quit I chose N.O.P.E.(Not One Puff Ever) and N.E.F. (Never Ever Forget)

By recognizing my choice about smoking or living FREE - Nicotine Addiction FREE, I honor the POWER of CHOICE. I have made other important choices, too, such as changing careers, nutrition and exercise. I have a saying that if you think you don't have a choice - well then, YOU DON'T! Making that life changing choice to live Smoke FREE helped me see those other choices that benefit my Health and Happiness because I learned something fundamental from my quit journey!Namely, I have the Right and the Responsibility to CHOOSE MY ATTITUDE, to choose my words, even my thoughts and feelings, and especially my ACTIONS!!!

I've heard folks argue that "This is me!" when they carry on with negative attitude and behavior. "I am respecting who I am." Well, I say, I have a choice to make. I can honor who I was yesterday and yet CHOOSE to feel better about myself, the world, and life in general TODAY!!! If I was disgruntled and resentful or depressed and pessimistic yesterday - fine, that was me yesterday! But it doesn't have to continue to be me TODAY! I DO have a choice!

I choose to LIVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY! I choose to see all the beauty and ugliness but to FOCUS on the Beauty! I choose to feel sad, angry, lonely, happy, playful, fascination, etc... but embrace the Happy! I choose to spend my energy on folks who wish to see me flourish and grow and accept my wish that they do the same. I choose to be constructive not destructive when I deal with challenges. I choose to count my blessings not dwell on my losses. I have that CHOICE because I am FREE - FREE of my Addiction - FREE to be ME - the ME that I believe my Creator expects me to be - THRIVING, GROWING, JOYOUS, APPRECIATIVE of this Gift of Life!

So with this 2444th cigarette not smoked I CHOOSE TODAY to Pledge N.O.P.E. and N.E.F. and I will RESPECT myself enough to HONOR that decision NO MATTER WHAT! I CHOOSE to PROTECT my ability to CHOOSE! I hope you do the same!

UH OH! Time for another Not-Cig! 


2445 and counting.....



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Nov 17, 2010

Some person who is really disturbed has stolen my ID!!! I know that Jonescarp has known me for 8 months now and recognizes my personality and what is OBVIOUSLY not me but I also ask JoAnne and any new members who are barely getting to know me that I am not a NEGATIVE person EVER! So if you see bigoted or negative or downright hateful postings with my name on them I DID NOT WRITE THAT GARBAGE!!!! WHEW!!! Now I am as angry as I've ever been! May God forgive me and this poor sick person!

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