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Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 30, 2010

Hello everybody!!! I just wanted to remind everybody that all Exers need to get tested for COPD!!! Fully half of all COPDers are UNDIAGNOSED!!! Early diagnosis can make all the difference in your QUALITY OF LIFE but hiding your head in the sand isn't going to help at all!!! Next time you go to the doctor ask him for a SPIROMETRY TEST! It's easy to take - you just blow in a tube (something like a drunk driving test) and they measure how much air you take in and how long it takes you to inhale and exhale!!! My doctor (GP)has the machine right in his office and it only costs a few bucks! The results are given as PFT and FEV 1. The FEV1 SCORE is the important number to know! I just want to emphasize how really really important early diagnosis is! Because I was diagnosed early, by making lifestyle changes I can work full time, do NOT have to use Oxygen, can do just about anything I did before physically and can have normal life expectancy. If I had ignored the symptoms and diagnosis then none of that would be true! Still, I did have to make some very different choices about diet, exercise, vaccinations, illnesses, and monitoring my lung health daily!!! So knowing made A VERY BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Find out and if you don't have COPD then PRAISE THE LORD!!! If you do, then it's time to get serious, get educated and take control of your HEALTH!!!!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 27, 2010

I haven't smoked 1900 cigarettes since I quit!  If I sat down right now and started chain smoking it would take me 10 straight days,13 hours, and 20 minutes to smoke those cigs up! Who would want to dump my ashtray afterwards? YUCK!

I just gave myself a vacation!  And that's in only 190 days!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 27, 2010

It's 1:45 a.m. Me and 9 newbies! So what can I say to you and the other folks who will visit these BLOGS for the first time today? First of all, it's not even near as scary and impossible as it seems before you begin your quit! For 3 days you will have nicotine in your system and withdrawal IS uncomfortable but then I've had FLU that made me feel a lot worse! When you go to there is a list of things that you can do to make the symptoms less, like drink LOTS of water and Cranberry Juice and cut caffeine in half but don't stop drinking it altogether. Stay busy - it helps and remember that it's only for a few days!

Next comes the real battle: ATTITUDE! If you admit that YOU and I have an ADDICTION then you'll want to check out more and add The Easy Way by Alan Carr and That will help you circumnavigate the whole "I want a smoke" vs. "I want to quit" battle! NO MATTER WHAT just DON'T Smoke even one puff ever!!!! I still to this day pledge N.O.P.E. each and every day! So just for TODAY Decide to not Smoke and RESPECT YOURSELF enough to HONOR that choice!

Now it's time to CELEBRATE those milestones and be sure that your friends and family KNOW that you are quitting! Why? Because they can support and hold you accountable! Don't quit in secret - even if you are a closet smoker! Hold your head high - YOU ARE AN EX! 

Other folks will have more to say but that's a good start on info and advice! Best wishes - I never say "good luck" because luck has nothing to do with it! I'm VERY GLAD you are here!

CHOOSE BREATH NOT DEATH! QUIT SMOKING NOW!!! I quit 6 months ago and if I can do it - then you can too!!!!

-Smoking is not an option any more!

-Make a decision to not smoke Today and respect yourself enough to honor that decision for one day!

-READ,, and successsful long term quitters' blogs here!

-Don't keep secrets! Tell your family and friends that you are quitting!

- Celebrate your milestones!

-Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually!

-BE HAPPY! HAVE FUN! Enjoy and embrace your smoke free lifestyle!

-Never ever forget! Protect your quit!

I listened and they were right! There is nothing special or different about me. My name is Thomas and I am 52 years old and smoked a pack a day for over 20 years! I have 6 months smoke free today which means I didn't smoke 1839 cigarettes costing $413. If I can do it you can too! Listen to your BecomeanEx friends! 

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