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Hey folks! Let's CELEBRATE a very special Lady who has reached 80 TODAY!!!! Please join me in Congratulating HER!!!!! YEA! Good for YOU Irish Rose!

I found this in the Huffington Post. The Subtitle is 5 tips for transcending moral dilemmas but I found it exactly related to the discussions we often have with getting started on the Ex smoking path. The following is a direct quote:

(1) Change the level: Do not approach the problem at the same level at which it is created.

(2) Compose, not oppose: Compose new positive ideas rather than dreading the negative.

(3) Avoid analysis paralysis: Remember that you take the sting out of fear by observing it nonjudgmentally in yourself.

(4) Cohere rather than adhere: Meditation kicks your decision-making up a notch by increasing the synchrony of different brain regions.

(5) Escape the "self" to find the "real self": Instead of identifying with your struggle ("I am my struggle or craving") remove your adherence to this by recognizing that you are not what you feel when your conflict is high. Remove your attention from your conflict.

So James deserves a PHD in psychology for his "happy quitter" approach which in every way addresses this method! I suggest you read the whole article in the LIVING section of Huffington Post!

I remember the emptiness I felt when I first stopped smoking! It was ...sadness, ...ah, loneliness,...I don't know maybe ... boredom!  I want to understand the feeling that we often label as "craving" because we don't know how else to describe that feeling. You may have heard of H.A.L.T. It stands for Hungry, angry,lonely, tired and tells us of warning signs of when we might be tempted.

I've come to the point of thinking of filling the hole. Something is missing and my brain automatically says "cigarette" but that is the addiction talking. Since cigarettes are no longer an option for me no matter what - well, then what is missing? Am I hungry, thirsty, tired? Does my BODY need something to feel more comfortable and cared for? Am I lonely, angry, frustrated, depressed? Do my emotions need attention? Am I spiritually depleted from the harsh living that we all have to endure? Maybe I need time with my GOD so I can reinforce my love and trust in Him! Very often I find one or more of these factors contributing to my feeling of emptiness. 

When I fill the hole with good food, rest, exercise for the body, with support from my friends to talk out my emotions, and with God time in my daily life then the emptiness ceases to exist and my brain stops even groping for that thing which is not a cigarette but we would use a cigarette to feel better! Next time you think you want a cigarette - maybe you can ask yourself - What is it I really need? After all, when you put out the smoke - the hole is still there! When you fill the hole you FEEL WHOLE!

Happy abundant living everyone! Thank you for your friendship and support! Enjoy your NEW Smoke FREE LIVING! It's a WHOLESOME Adventure!

Please join me in CELEBRATING a GREAT ONE MONTH QUIT by our dear friend EMPATHY! What an exciting beginning for her! Tammy, you are such a good friend to all of us - THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there for us!!! May you keep adding those days to your NEW LIFE - STAY STRONG! N.O.P.E. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Each and every DAY!
When I DECIDED to put down the cigs, little did I know that I wasn't just stopping a bad habit, I was STARTING something NEW and Surprising! I was thinking I loved cigarettes but they were killing me. Still, Quitting is about giving up, sacrificing, depriving myself the one luxury (or vice) I have allowed myself to enjoy! Right? WRONG! SURPRISE! As I struggled to fight the Mental Battle of Addiction I discovered FREEDOM - I am FREE to be the ME that my Creator intended me to be! I gave up absolutely NOTHING of Importance and Gained - Well, EVERYTHING ABUNDANT and BEAUTIFUL about Self-RESPECT and Self-LOVE that can only lead to HAPPINESS, JOY, and FUN! Do I live in a Pink Cloud? I don't BELIEVE that - I FEEL - Passionately - sadness, anger, desire,fear as well as happiness, love, joy, ALL MY FEELINGS that were numbed by my addiction and hidden under a SMOKE CLOUD! So which do I prefer? A pink cloud or a smoke cloud? If this is a pink cloud - I'll TAKE IT! What I DO KNOW - it's REAL LIVING! My name is Thomas and I have 137 Smoke FREE DAYS of NEW LIFE!

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