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These are some of the Gifts that come to mind as I CELEBRATE my QUIT:

(1) I feel more SELF-CONFIDENT because I made a choice to change my self-destructive behavior and followed through.

(2) I feel more HONEST because I am not evading truthfulness about the consequences in order to support my Smoking Addiction.

(3) I feel more SELF-RESPECT because I made a decision to QUIT SMOKING and honored that decision.

(4) I feel more SECURE because I no longer have that constant battle "I want to smoke"vs"I don't want to smoke."

(5) I feel more OPTIMISTIC because I no longer attack stress with another cigarette, I attack it with a constructive plan of action.

(6) I feel more SPIRITUAL because when I called upon my higher power for assistance I felt his/her response.

(7) I feel more DECISIVE because I saw how I can set a goal and accomplish it one day at a time each and every day.

(8) I feel more SELF-AWARE because I sense days or situations of weakness and have a winning back up plan to protect my QUIT.

(9) I feel more INTEGRATED because when my body said "I need...." my mind and spirit responded affirmatively.

(10) I feel more JOY as I experience COLLATERAL KINDNESS and CELEBRATE each and every daily VICTORY over my Smoking Addiction with my BecomeanEx friends!  THANK YOU for CELEBRATING with me!!!!!!

You have 7 months Smoke FREE! WOW!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jun 14, 2010

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen!

-Winston Churchill

50 Wonderful Smoke FREE Days!!!!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to thank everybody for posting their best wishes yesterday! My computer crashed minutes afterward! It took hours to restore it but Thank goodness I fixed it! For a computer doofus like me that is an accomplishment! And I didn't think about smoking even once! WHEW! You Folks are the Best Friends a guy could hope for! Have a Beautiful Smoke FREE Weekend! I'll be watching my first WORLD CUP Smoke FREE!

My youngest son who is 24 just told me that he quit smoking 27 days ago! I asked him why he didn't tell me sooner and he told me that he didn't want to disappoint his dad if he didn't make it and now he's feeling more sure of himself! This is something that I have been praying for since I first saw him with a cig in his face about a year ago! I admit being his dad, I preached but tried not to make it too much! I AM THE PROUDEST FATHER ON THE PLANET TONIGHT! This is how your parents will probably feel when YOU quit! Do it for yourself but remember to tell your parents!

The Naked Truth!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jun 8, 2010

As I celebrate Day 80 Smoke FREE I'm thinking about the fact that we are Nicotine Junkies and that means that we don't have the option to smoke even one puff EVER! It's not O.K. to say "Well, I'll TRY to quit and with LUCK I might quit! I have to make an unwavering commitment - a decision that SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME! I have to defend my quit as if my life depends on it because IT DOES! I'm not able to say "Oh everybody slips! If I slip it will be O.K. I'll just try again(....and again and again) NO! I QUIT! Today I will NOT Smoke because I HONOR MY WORD and RESPECT MYSELF! If that sounds harsh - well, what can I say?  I'm NOT mean I've just been down that road too many times and it's a dead end!  If you keep doing the same thing then you keep getting the same results and I CHOOSE to have different results in my life! I choose to QUIT FOR LIFE and FREEDOM! Freedom from addiction, freedom to live and breathe healthily and abundantly -  not as a junkie!  No matter how you pretty it up - THAT'S THE TRUTH! N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever NO MATTER WHAT each and every day!


The Turning Point!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jun 3, 2010

I can't say what day it happened. Yet I know that there WAS a point where the war between I want a cigarette( IWC) and I don't want a cigarette (IDWC) was over!  Of course the battle has been fierce especially during the first week when the IWC found out that IDWC was life and death serious and not just playing around with an entertaining idea! I followed James advice and most of the time was able to ignore the war which is probably why I can't point to an AHHH moment!  Thus, the war went on and I went on a semi-Happy Quitter (I'm not as good at it as James - wish I was!) Inevitably the war was over and the winner IDWC was declared and I looked up and knew IWC doesn't have a chance! I AM TRULY A HAPPY QUITTER! I decided to QUIT SMOKING and I decided to ignore the battle but most importantly I didn't let a cigarette near my face NO MATTER WHAT! I have said N.O.P.E. each and every morning! And some days several times an hour  - whatever it takes because this was for me the single most important thing I could do for myself to improve my HEALTH and LIFE!  Then I found that I was changing!  I became a more confident, concerned person!  I'm concerned about LIFE but I'm also concerned about QUALITY OF LIFE!  That means not only not dying but LIVING ABUNDANTLY!  Those of you that know me well have seen these motifs rising one by one to the surface of my blogs and comments and by no means do I think that I am done growing and changing! I feel that at 52 years old that I am in many ways just beginning to LIVE - to LIVE ABUNDANTLY the way my Creator  intended! This is the gift I want for those of you out there who are just beginning this journey ! Give your QUIT a chance and all that sense of loss, deprivation, sadness, regret, suffering and self sacrifice WILL turn around 360 degrees and it will be the cigarette that is the obvious source of the suffering and you will KNOW in your total being that you have made the absolute BEST DECISION in your entire LIFE! Best Wishes!  

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