Just pop a pill!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 20, 2010

I teach conversational Spanish and English.  The whole time I've taught  ( 30 years) I've seen some students succeed in record time (1 year!)  and others wash out and I know the difference comes down to this:  You can come to me and pay exorbitant prices for private lessons and 6 months later not learn a thing IF you think I can magically bestow on you the ability to become bilingual; or you can pour yourself into it and come out pretty decent even in that short time if you truly want it bad enough and have  tenacity.  I can't MAKE you or your kid bilingual - won't happen!  I can give you what it takes so that you can become bilingual and have done it for 100s of people.  BTW if you know some magical pill that grants you this ability shhh!(I like my work!) 

I've seen the same thing here with some (not all) but some folks who think that buying NRTs is buying their quit!  Won't happen! Same principle!  NRTs are a tool to help you learn how to quit - they are NOT the "suffer - free" quit!  If you use NRTs to give you the space to figure out your quit - right on!  If you use NRTs so you don't have to feel the quit - guess what - it doesn't work that way and will never work!  To succeed you have to own your quit!,i.e. you have to decide to quit and do the work yourself with tenacity!  NRT does NOT equal short cut - no such thing!