I think I Slept Last Night

Blog Post created by TheNewMe_Jo on Aug 4, 2011

I went to bed at 8pm, turned TV on, and that's the last I remember lol

Got up at 5, didn't know what day it was, or what I had to do, so I got up, whew only Thursday,no place to go but Wal Mart.

So I finally got some rest, 1st time since my quit. My mind seems a LITTLE bit better, I drop things, I zone out, not focus. Not thinkin bout smoking but thinking of when I did smoke.

Less each day. I smelled my real house for the first time today, its an old house, its got that funky old smell to it. BUT its not SMOKE!.

I stopped for gas and while pumping it into my car, I saw cigarette ads all over the place and BOY WAS I SMILINGGGGG


I wasnt stressed out ,to  buy enough to last a few days so I can hide in my cave and work and not have to deal with anyone, just me and my cigarettes.

I sure dont miss that at all. Smoking REALLY DOES CAUSE ME STRESS

I never ever realized it, I just thought I was a *****!

When I leave my house, its SO EASY, just grab the keys and go...

I dont have to smoke before I go, count how many cigs I have left in my pack and decide if I should open a new pack or will this be enough on my trip... always opened a new pack (better be safe than sorry) once in the car, had to place them in their special little spot,ok there, all set, wait, **** forgot my lighter, now where did I put it? OMG anger building, grab a cig now so when you find a lighter you can light up real quick....

hahaha seriously, do I miss smoking?


Bout to hit my double digits :))