In Case You MIssed It!!!

Blog Post created by Terri103 on Oct 27, 2015

PS - you don't do that any more.  Remember?!!!!  Just imagine yourself with a consistent dose of novocaine which numbs all sides of your mouth so that if you put a cigarette in there is just falls out!  No puckerability whatsoever.  Limp lips.  Lucky LimpLips lisped but laspsed not, for lasping didn't cross her lisping lips.


The above was a comment from Guilia on my blog yesterday!!!   I love my new name!!  Lucky LimpLips!!!   for those of you old schoolers, also makes me think of and picture the movie Mr. Limpet! 

Anyway, just when I thought I was a little funny, look who comes along and creates a new tongue twister that I can use so that I won't use!!   And FYI:  there were no drugs or gas given to me, only the scary novocaine numbing shot.   I guess since I am alone so much, even the attention of a drilling dentist and his evil assistant Miss SucksItUp was better than sitting at home smoking a cigarette.  So therefore, I was a little giddy!