I can't stop dancing

Blog Post created by TW517 on Jul 31, 2017

No, seriously.  I can’t stop.  When craves hit, I’ve tried all the suggested distractions (head in the freezer, biting on a lemon, focusing on blue things in the room, etc.) and they all work most of the time.  But the one thing that consistently works best for me is moving.  Usually, I will just get up and walk around.  Sometimes that just isn’t feasible.  I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks, whenever I’m at my desk for more than a few minutes, my leg starts bouncing up and down like a nervous tic.  Invariably, my mind will notice a pattern or beat to the bounce, which then turns into a song to match that beat, which in turn starts me swaying, bopping my head, and basically dancing in my seat.  I’m sure I look absolutely ridiculous, especially because I never learned to dance and have no moves  But it does keep the craves at bay.