Redhead Kicks Butts

Blog Post created by suzyq4 on Jan 24, 2010

Made it 23 days now and still not puffin'!! Last few days I got curious and went to the LAST page of the blogs to see if anything's changed in the quit kingdom. It's interesting because a lot of what we're going thru is the same thing as quitters in 2008. It makes me wonder where a lot of them are today. Are they still holding on to their quits? Did they slip? What other methods did they use that may be different than what we're using? So many questions about the past EXers and no answers because many of them quit coming to this site once they achieved their goal. Does this mean our "need" to be here dwindles as our quits become more permanent and we learn to handle the daily stresses of our lives without puffin' thru them? It would be nice if a few of them logged in and told us how their quits are going. What other ways have they developed to handle the urges to lite up? Will I become like them and just not check in anymore? It seems kind of sad really....this is where I made my quit happen. Reading and responding to others call for help in their quits. I've made it a part of my morning ritual to come here and see how people are doing. I enjoy it! And I can help someone else with my experiences at quitting and I can get encouragement from those same people when I feel my resolve lowering. Thanks to all who have helped me in my journey to a better lifestyle....