PET Scan Results

Blog Post created by Strudel on Mar 5, 2019
I wrote an earlier blog about having a Low Dose Lung Scan three weeks ago - Low dose CT lung scan  - This is an update. 
I had the PET scan yesterday. The PET scan unfortunately showed that the lung nodule showed the kind of metabolic activity that increases the suspicion of lung cancer. There was also metabolic activity in the thyroid gland. I’m not sure how this fits together - if at all. They could be 2 unrelated things.
The good news is the doctor who called me (a second one in the same pulmonology office - first doctor who I saw last week is on vacation) said the same thing the first one did - the lung cancer, if that is what it is, has been found early and should be treatable. I think the next step will be to biopsy the lung nodule. And, I will be referred to an endocrinologist for the thyroid issue. The doctor who called wants to meet with me in person tomorrow or Thursday. He called late - so, he said I should hear from someone in the office in the morning to set up an appointment to see him. 
I am processing all of this. I actually feel better at least knowing part of what I am facing. (The thyroid thing is a sucker punch - what!!?) But, hopefully I will find out more in the next few days. I will keep you posted. Thank you all for the love and support! I may become another “poster child” for the benefits of having this early screening!