Update on lung scan story

Blog Post created by Strudel on Feb 26, 2019

I wrote a blog the other day about the low dose CT lung scan I had a few weeks ago. In case you missed it - Low dose CT lung scan  

I met with a pulmonologist today. I liked him. We decided that I will have a PET scan. Given the size of the nodule they found and my history of smoking, it is the wise thing to do. He said that he was not on board with these scans when they first came out several years ago - but now he is very much in favor of them. He said it is like having a mammogram or colonoscopy - a way to screen for lung cancer. He reassured me that even if this is cancer - I am so much better off than if I hadn’t had the test. He said that worse case - it is still early enough that they should be able to do something about it. So, although still nervous, I felt better. The PET scan will be on please keep up the prayers and good vibes! Thank you dear friends!