Are you ready for EX 7??!!!

Blog Post created by Strudel on Nov 18, 2018

Each year for the past several years, many of us have met and celebrated our freedom and the special friendships we have here at EX! 


We have been gathering since 2013. That year we met in Las Vegas. Many of EX'ers have attended every year since then – 2014 in Orlando, 2015 in Nashville, and then 2016 returning to Las Vegas. In 2017, we met in Virginia Beach, VA. Then, last year, the group went on a wonderful cruise! These are informal gatherings of EX'ers -and the experience is amazing! Personally I have attended 5 of them and only missed the cruise because of some vertigo issues. 


We are hoping to get as many “new “attendees as possible this year! We have all bonded and made lifetime friends – so many of us will be attending once again! However, we want to meet YOU!!! This is not only a wonderful way to meet folks from the site, put faces to avatars, thank those who have helped you along the way, have others thank you for your contributions here – it is also a perfect way to cement your quit!


We have used our base of about 40 people (former attendees and/or those who have had interest in the past gatherings) to select some places to vote on for EX 7


The top places nominated are:

  • Virginia Beach, VA (We had such a great time there in 2017, many folks picked it for a return visit!) 
  • Pensacola, Florida 
  • Baltimore's Inner Harbor 
  • California (San Diego/Oceanside area) - Although this was not nominated, it was greatly discussed as an option last year. Since many of the folks nominating live on the East coast - I wanted to be fair and add California as an option. If it doesn't win - it is certainly an idea for a regional gathering - as would be Chicago.) 


I will create a poll (either later today or tomorrow) for all of us to vote for our top selection. At this point - just take a look at the selections and begin to think about it! Discuss your thoughts here.....and/or if you have attended before - write a blog to drum up interest from new folks! Once we have selected a place, Laura (Michwoman ) and I will provide more details about the trip. We will also be voting on a date choice for the spring of 2019. People usually stay for 2 nights - on up to to several nights - that is totally up to you. We plan a few group activities and gather informally throughout the weekend.  I can promise you that a great time is had by all! 


The poll is now ready for you to vote! Please vote if you have any interest in attending EX 7 - no commitment - just have an interest......

EX 7 Place Selection