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Join the EX 7 Group!

Posted by Strudel Jan 11, 2019

Each year, friends who have met here on EX, get together to meet for the first time or to reunite with each other. This is a very informal gathering. We have a blast! We are getting ready to have the 7th event in Virginia Beach during the weekend of May 16 - 20. Please - consider joining us! 


If you are planning on attending EX 7 in Virginia Beach in May, considering it, - or if you want to just follow what is going on as the trip is planned - please join (follow) the group - EX Weekend 2019 - Virginia Beach 




New avatar

Posted by Strudel Jan 10, 2019

I finally added a new picture for my avatar. (My dear Tootise died in June.)  My new cat, Monet, along with Holly, are in the new picture. (Holly is in the front - with Monet in the back.) 


Each year we gather informally - this year we are going to Virginia Beach the weekend of May 16 - 20. You can join us for 2, 3, 4, or more nights. Here is what you need to know:


We have heard back from the Best Western group sales person. The info on how to reserve is below. Laura has checked this out for us by making her reservation and it worked! Please let us know about any problems. At this time you will need to CALL to make the reservation. I am waiting for the link to do it online as BW group sales person mentions below. 

My blog following EX 5 when we also went to Virginia Beach. It will give you a good idea of what these weekends are like! 


The Group Sales person at Best Western wrote - 

***”Your room block is in and you can have guests call the hotel at 757-428-5370 and ask for the Becoming An Ex Reunion group block, to make their reservation. I have submitted a request to get a group booking link created, so as soon as that comes through, I will send it to you.” 

 Thanks again!

 Happy travels, 

 Amy Overstreet

Director of Sales


The rates she quoted are - Oceanfront $113 wkday, $139 wkend & 

Non-oceanfront $72 wkday & $85 wkend.

Non-Oceanfront rooms are located across the street from the main oceanfront building. It is a 3-story motor-inn with exterior. 


If you are planning on attending EX7 - please send a private message to Strudel - with your email and cell phone contact information.  (Do not post personal info in a blog - due to spammers.) We will use that for communication closer to the trip - and we can begin to make a list of attendees. 


Hotel: Best Western Plus

2809 Atlantic Ave

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Group Name - “Becoming An Ex Reunion group block”


You will need to call to make reservation - waiting for link to do it online. 


Dates May 16 - 20 (Stay 2,3,4, or more nights! Please, if possible, include Saturday in your stay since that is when we usually do something special!)

The hotel should send you a confirmation by email after you make your reservation. Also – feel free to reserve on any other travel site you may want to use. Or – stay at any area hotel.


Please reserve ASAP! They will fill up soon for the spring! 




This info below is from last time we stayed. Hopefully it is the same or similar. Be sure to ask! 


A one night's advance deposit payment or credit card deposit is required for each room reserved. Balance of payment is due at check-in. Any individual cancellations must be received 72 hours or more prior to arrival to avoid penalty of one night's room & tax charge to the credit card, or taken from any deposit received. Change of arrival or departure date is based strictly on availability and should be requested prior to arrival.


Guest Check In and Out


Guest check-in time is 4:00 pm. Check-out time is 11:00 am. During the spring and summer months, the hotel must adhere to the designated check-in times. Anyone wishing special consideration for a late checkout should inquire with the front desk on the day of departure. Additional room charges may be added for late check out.


Hotel Amenities

Complimentary Breakfast is provided to all hotel guests daily 6am – 10am.

Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, In-Room Refrigerators, Microwaves and Coffee

Makers, Fitness Center,


Shoreline Grill Restaurant and Bar


Wireless internet provided free of charge to all guests.


Parking - The Hotel has complimentary parking on-site for registered guests- limit 1 vehicle per room. Local attendees may park at the 31st Street Garage (2 blocks North of the hotel) or on street metered parking.


More info to come! 


Mark your calendars!!

Posted by Strudel Jan 8, 2019

The middle date choice has won! That would be May 16 - 20 (That is Thursday through Monday - you stay for as many days as you want.)

I am excited - however I know this will exclude

some folks. I hope that those people will find a way to make that date work - even if they can only come for a few days! 

More info to come about how to make the reservation - I am waiting to hear back from the woman at Best Western. 

Poll results - May 2 - 3 votes

                     May 16 - 14 votes 

                     June 13   - 7 votes

So - the middle of May was the clear choice. 

I am going to contact the hotel tomorrow with the decision for the date for EX 7. I will consider midnight tonight as the deadline in order to do that. (I want to make sure we can nail down the reservation.) 


There have been 18 votes so far - with the middle May date in the lead. So - if it makes a difference in your schedule and you are considering going - please go to this link and VOTE! 


You will still be able to go even if you don’t vote......just want to make sure everyone gets to put their 2 cents in! 


Thanks! (Here are a few pics from EX 5 - also in Virginia Beach!) 



EX 7 Date Choice Poll 


EX 7 Date Choice Poll  

Please go to the poll for info about the dates and to vote! Vote by Tuesday, January 8th so that we can reserve our block of rooms. Thanks! 


We have an EX 7 WINNER!

Posted by Strudel Jan 2, 2019

Well we have a winner for the location for EX 7 - Virginia Beach! There were 21 votes and 10 of those were for Virginia Beach. (There were 6 votes for Baltimore, 4 for Ocean Side, CA, and 1 for Pensacola, FL.)


We had our EX gathering in Virginia Beach in 2017 - and hopefully this one will also be well attended! For you newbies - we do an unofficial gathering of EX’ers once a year! PLEASE - plan to attend! I promise you will have the time of your life!


Our next step is to select a date. I will contact the woman at the hotel we used last time to check on available weekends in May and June. (Most seemed to like that hotel - so I hope returning there will be okay.) I will also find out the rates for the dates we will consider. After Memorial Day, the rates go up ..... however, the weather may be better in June. 


Please feel free to discuss things here and I will be back to discuss the dates. Thanks! 




Have you voted yet?

Posted by Strudel Dec 3, 2018

If you missed it, be sure to check out my blog about our next EX gathering! This is an informal gathering of friends here. Here is the blog - Are you ready for EX 7??!!!  - it contains a link to the poll where you can vote for our next destination. Please vote if you are at all considering joining us. Trust me - it will be a trip you will remember! Thanks! 


Talked to Tommy

Posted by Strudel Nov 21, 2018

I talked to Tommy (pir8fan) this afternoon. The air bubble is gone which is great. However, he still can not see out of that eye and continues to struggle with pain. The doctor has said that he should begin to be able to see in 30 - 60 days. (It has been 2 weeks since the surgery.) 

Please continue the prayers and good thoughts! 

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! 


Are you ready for EX 7??!!!

Posted by Strudel Nov 18, 2018

Each year for the past several years, many of us have met and celebrated our freedom and the special friendships we have here at EX! 


We have been gathering since 2013. That year we met in Las Vegas. Many of EX'ers have attended every year since then – 2014 in Orlando, 2015 in Nashville, and then 2016 returning to Las Vegas. In 2017, we met in Virginia Beach, VA. Then, last year, the group went on a wonderful cruise! These are informal gatherings of EX'ers -and the experience is amazing! Personally I have attended 5 of them and only missed the cruise because of some vertigo issues. 


We are hoping to get as many “new “attendees as possible this year! We have all bonded and made lifetime friends – so many of us will be attending once again! However, we want to meet YOU!!! This is not only a wonderful way to meet folks from the site, put faces to avatars, thank those who have helped you along the way, have others thank you for your contributions here – it is also a perfect way to cement your quit!


We have used our base of about 40 people (former attendees and/or those who have had interest in the past gatherings) to select some places to vote on for EX 7


The top places nominated are:

  • Virginia Beach, VA (We had such a great time there in 2017, many folks picked it for a return visit!) 
  • Pensacola, Florida 
  • Baltimore's Inner Harbor 
  • California (San Diego/Oceanside area) - Although this was not nominated, it was greatly discussed as an option last year. Since many of the folks nominating live on the East coast - I wanted to be fair and add California as an option. If it doesn't win - it is certainly an idea for a regional gathering - as would be Chicago.) 


I will create a poll (either later today or tomorrow) for all of us to vote for our top selection. At this point - just take a look at the selections and begin to think about it! Discuss your thoughts here.....and/or if you have attended before - write a blog to drum up interest from new folks! Once we have selected a place, Laura (Michwoman ) and I will provide more details about the trip. We will also be voting on a date choice for the spring of 2019. People usually stay for 2 nights - on up to to several nights - that is totally up to you. We plan a few group activities and gather informally throughout the weekend.  I can promise you that a great time is had by all! 


The poll is now ready for you to vote! Please vote if you have any interest in attending EX 7 - no commitment - just have an interest......

EX 7 Place Selection 


More prayers please!

Posted by Strudel Nov 14, 2018

Just heard from Tommy (pir8fan) ....he wrote - 

“After getting disc out on Monday, I expected to wake up yesterday on the road to recovery! Not So Fast! I woke up to several objects stabbing my eyeball! Possibly lashes! Back to the Dr this afternoon to see if this problem has a simple solution! Last time the eyelid was torn lose at the corners! That required another surgery! Hope this is simple! Thank you for the love and support!”


Unbelievable!  So, please continue your prayers! Thank you!! 


Tommy Update

Posted by Strudel Nov 12, 2018

As Sootie mentioned yesterday, Tommy pir8fan had an appointment with his doctor this morning. It turns out that the disc which had been placed in his eye was causing damage to the surface of his eye......the surface has scar tissue (from previous procedures I presume) and the disc was rubbing on that. (Or that is my interpretation of what was happening.)  So, they took the disc out. It is still very painful but, he is hoping that NOW "the healing can begin"! So, faithful friends - keep the prayers and good thoughts going his way! Thanks! 


Tommy Update

Posted by Strudel Nov 11, 2018

I received a text from Tommy - pir8fan earlier today. He is not doing well at all....and he said that he plans to try to reach his doctor. He said he feels worse, rather than better. I asked if there was someone who could take him to the ER if needed. I haven't heard back. Has anyone else heard from him today? Thanks.....and please continue with the prayers! 


Tommy update

Posted by Strudel Nov 9, 2018

pir8fan - AKA Our Tommy - reports the following today when asked if there have been improvements - 

"Not yet! Drugs, ice, and sleep! Thank you for checking! Please let everyone know I am about 500 E-mails behind! HUGZ ❤️"

So  - please keep those prayers going! I know he really appreciates it! Feel better SOON Tommy!! 


(Tommy had a corneal transplant on Wednesday.) 


Update on Tommy

Posted by Strudel Nov 8, 2018

Tommy wrote this a short time ago - "Put amino disc In eye today! Pain is horrible." He has OxyContin and he plans to take it and hopefully sleep! So - please, keep those prayers coming!! Thanks!