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Day 638

Posted by Sooz3 Oct 31, 2017

Random post alert!!  Can't believe it is 638 amazing days since I FINALLY came to my senses and ditched the drag of ****! 


Today was was just a normal wonderful smoke free day, my best friend was round (she still smokes) and I felt heart sorry that she doesn't even try to stop. At least when I was struggling with my addiction I always said "never stop stopping!" And with the love and support from everyone here, today is my glorious 638th day of freedom.


Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday, and send a massive thank you to you all! 



@ Can't believe how much the site has changed, didn't think it's been that long since I checked!! Anyway here to say a huge hello to all my dear friends here and let you know that I am proud to be an Ex!!!!! Couldnt see how many glorious days I have been smokefree but it's all down to the love and support I received here. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  

450 glorious smoke free days

Posted by Sooz3 Apr 26, 2017

 Loving the new look site, gonna need a wee bit time to get used to it! Sending all my friends happy thoughts, hope you are all well!! Will catch up with all the news when I work out how to! 

geezo, this is confusing!!

Posted by Sooz3 Feb 1, 2017

Geezo, I have no idea how to find anyhing!!!


Would just like to shout out to all my wonderful friends on here who supported me on my journey to a 6%er!!! I'm super proud and although I'm not on here as much I pledge daily and think about everyone's journey. 


Thanks again guys, will message you when I work out how to!  

Sooz3 Archived Profile

Posted by Sooz3 Jan 23, 2017



Hey, I'm Sue and I'm 39 years old. I am happily married with two gorgeous boys of 10 and 7 years old who keep me on my toes!

I joined EX in January 14 and with the help and support from members I had a successful 1year quit, then disaster struck and my inner-junkie came out of me, I lost touch with this site and failed myself and all the people who had helped me.

But I am back far more educated than before and reading and absorbing all the wonderful blogs and advice available here everyday and also all the great material on why

To anyone reading this who is starting their journey, I wish you all the very best, with the support and advice on here you will have every success, and to all my friends I truly thank you for your continuing support! 

Sooz xx

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Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to help me celebrate my 300 days of freedom. I am absolutely over the moon and thank you all so much for all your help and support and never giving up on me, you guys rock!!!! Here's to the 6%!!!!! 

Shouting out a huge hello!!

Posted by Sooz3 Nov 7, 2016

Just wanted to shout a huge hello to all my lovely friends here at Ex that have supported me through my journey to 280 DAYS OF FREEDOM yippeeeeeee!!! I've not managed to be on her as regularly as I would like but I think about you guys every day and just wanted to say I will be thinking of you all tomorrow especially! 

Positive thoughts and huge hugs from your wee Scottish pal across the water! X

Thanks guys!!

Posted by Sooz3 Aug 20, 2016
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for your lovely messages. Not been on for a while as my laptop was broken but always check in when I can. Today I'm celebrating my 40th birthday and 201 glorious smoke free days, im one happy girl!!! Thanks again for all your support, Love you guys!!

155 days yeeehaaaa!!!

Posted by Sooz3 Jul 5, 2016

Super chuffed to log on today and see I've clocked in at 155 beautiful days smoke free!!! I'm not able to log on daily just now as life is crazy but everyday I think "I wonder how Ellen and Shawn and Terrie and all my awesome friends on Ex are?" And it makes me smile to know everyone is on the same journey, wherever they are in this crazy world.

So I just wanted to shout out a big hello to all my friends and newbies to the site, hope you all have a great day, from your wee Scottish Ex! 

ABC, easy as......

Posted by Sooz3 Jun 3, 2016

You got it, 123!! 123 glorious smoke free days yippeeeee! Have a great weekend everyone :)


Posted by Sooz3 May 22, 2016

Love the one-one-one number.......111 Days yippppeeeeeeee!!!! AND NEVER ANOTHER DAY ONE!!!! Super chuffed Sooz today, thank to all for your continuing support, Happy Sunday :)

5 is my lucky number

Posted by Sooz3 Mar 27, 2016

I don't think I've written a blog since I stupendously screwed up my last quit but i love the number 5 and today I get two!! 55 days of freedom, so I just had to shout about it!!

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter from a very happy Sooz here in No Mans Land :)