Blog Post created by Sootie on Nov 1, 2018

In November of 2009-----YES 2009, can you believe that??----a group of people from many different places decided to quit smoking and somehow found their way here---to the EX Community!!!  We are the November to Remember group.

Here we are in November of 2018 and we are now 9 years----NINE YEARS----quit!!!!!  Bonnie11.3.2009

maynell debi12 molzep debbiem2 done .....and me-----Sootie!!!! Did I forget anyone? I want to wish you all a great November as we move into our nine year milestones. Many of you have become friends and I always look forward to your blogs and messages. Some of you I have not heard from lately and hope you are doing well.

There are other November quitters on here also----2012 quitters-Jordan.Quit.11-1-12 joyeuxencore_11-5-12 Danno_11-10-12-----they will be quit for SIX years this November.

A special shout out to jojo29 who quit on 11/1/11. Many of you know this fantastic EXER. She had a lung transplant but keeps on tickin (and kickin)! Hope you are doing well girl friend….long time no see on this site but I see you on fb "doing your thing"…..BIG SEVEN YEARS for our incredible jojo.  And let's have some really LOUD and continuous applause for Sheryl who tops us all with her quit date of 11/11/2008---- YAY Sheryl!! TEN YEARS OF FREEDOM!!!!! Re: Sheryl soars into 11 months

WHO ELSE??? I don't have a "computer program" for this stuff so I just go by friends and people I can remember.  We’d like to hear from ANYONE who is a November quitter…..come on the blog and shout out your year. I am sure we will also have some 2018 November quitters…..welcome to our group. Be serious about your quit because the November to Remember quitters do not mess around !

  So---let’s celebrate all month long….ALL OF US----from January quitters to December-----whether you are quit for one day or one year or five or ten-------CELEBRATE-------you are an EX!