An Honor and a Privilege

Blog Post created by Sootie on Feb 10, 2014

It has been an honor and a privilege getting to know each and every one of you on this site. Despite our differences---as a matter of fact BECAUSE of our differences------ I have found this site to be interesting, stimulating, thought provoking and……..FUN. You are all special to me in your own unique ways.

It was another honor and privilege to meet in person the EXERS and members of their families who came to Orlando this weekend. Although all of EX could not come-----I thought you might enjoy some of my observations……

Pattycake is outgoing and boisterous and always looking for fun………I did not “get” this from her blogs so it was a pleasant surprise.

Cindy is as outgoing and boisterous and this was NOT a surprise : ) as I sort of did “get” this from her blogs!

Tommy could be a cruise director on those cruises he is so fond of….he was always trying to make sure everyone was having a GREAT time. He was……EXactly as his blogs sound…….EXcept for the “accent” which I was not EXpecting!!!

Sarah and her husband Tom should have been put together by “MATCH .com”……they are perfect together and perfect period. Sarah did a lot of work organizing this get together and I am so very grateful.

Laura is just the friendliest person you ever wanted to meet and was continually “up” for everything and anything that was going on.

Polyana finally became a real person for us so we could put a face to the name…..what a BRAVE person to come and join all of us with so little time on the site. It would not have been the same without her and her speech on our final night was just so inspiring.

Garden Girl Michele also finally became a face we could recognize… great that she could join us. Michele kept apologizing for the weather as if she was responsible for Florida weather : ) We had a great time despite the rain.

Marilyn and her husband are both very nice and “down home”……arriving later Saturday afternoon they were immediately a part of the group.

Teddy is just like the fairies and elves she so loves to post and the encouragements she offers.

Rick’s family accompanied him and they were all really wonderful people……I really felt as if I had known his wife Sue for years and will probably continue the beginning friendship through e-mail.

Stacie is as beautiful as her avatar and her smile never fades.

Lisa was a surprise to me……knowledgeable about finance (as I am not)---- I again…..did not “get” this from her blogs. She is a very interesting, intelligent person who I hope to get to know better.

Smorgy had me laughing with some of her observations ESPECIALLY the fact that she never intended to zip line! She looked horrified that anyone would not have known she was kidding!

Kathy (struedel) was just exactly as I imagined her except taller than I had thought her to be…..but just as kind. We also enjoyed being with her sister Chris who joined her on the trip.

This was a very exciting and interesting experience along with being fun. Everyone joined right in to the group……everyone was talking, laughing, sharing and hugging for all of our days together. I was sad to say goodbye.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to get to know more of your very special selves.